Tigress and Two Cubs Spotted in Panna Tiger Reserve

Panna National Park

Photo: Representational Image

Motor drivers captured the thrilling sight of a Tigress strolling out of the Panna Tiger Reserve area with her two Cubs, passing through the Panna-Katni highway near Bandikala village in Madhya Pradesh. The video taken by the passer-by on Thursday, July 6, morning, went viral on social platform and made three Tigers; the social media stars.

Vivek Jain, PTR Field Director, told the group of the Tigress and her one-and-a-half years old cubs were moving from the core area to the buffer zone, to create their own territory. Whereas, Tiger Conservationist, Ajay Dubey expressed his concern over the outward movement of the Tigers during monsoon, for which the forest officials need to be watchful for the Tiger’s safety.

The 2009 news had come as a shock to the the wildlife fanatics of the country, about the complete extinction of Tigers in Panna Tiger Reserve for poaching had been the main reason for. To deal with this crisis, Madhya Pradesh Government had started a program under which Bandhavgarh and other MP state’s sanctuaries Tiger’s were transposed to Panna Tiger Reserve. The program turned out to be fruitful, as it showed a steady growth in the Big Cat’s population in PTR ever since then.

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Published: 07 Jul, 2017
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