Tigers Number on a Rise in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

According to recent news, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve gets a new hope for tourism after a long break. Around a dozen new tiger cubs, of about two years old, have been spotted in the core area of the reserve. The cubs have been sighted in cameras installed in Kishenpur, Sonaripur and Bilrayen ranges of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.
Among the three ranges, major development has been noticed from Kishenpur range where the exercise of camera trappings is over. As per the officials, it is expected that the tiger count in this particular range may go up to 25 from 18 (2011census), including both adults and sub-adults (cubs that are above 2.5 years old).

The camera exercise is still going on in rest of the two ranges with more than 100 cameras doing the surveillance. To keep a close watch on tigers count, cameras have also been placed at 106 more locations within the boundaries of the reserve after April 19, 2014. It is expected that the numbers of wild cats would go up with the increased frequency of surveillance as more and more number of new cubs can be easily spotted.

Along with this “roll on camera” feature, this time a separate record for tiger cubs is also maintained, quite different from earlier censuses. The officials of the reserve said that a much clear and better picture on tiger count in Dudhwa Reserve would emerge once the camera trapping exercise ends.

The final declaration about tiger census will only be made by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in July 2014. Till then, the downloaded camera feeds are studied by experts of the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF-India) and Wildlife Institute of India (WII). Tigers are differentiated on the basis of their stripe patterns.

It is to note down that there were 118 tigers in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve as per 2011 Tiger census. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is spread over Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich districts in Uttar Pradesh. The reserve includes Dudhwa national park, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.

Last Updated: June 24, 2014
Published: 28 Apr, 2014
Anil Rana


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