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Forest Officials Rescue Sub-Adult Tigress Entangled In The Fence

Tiger Rescue in Maharashtra
On Wednesday, forest officials freed a sub-adult tigress that got itself stuck in a fence fringing Borda village that is situated in the buffer zone of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (Chandrapur district of Maharashtra).

Forest officials were informed by villagers when they heard the tigress growling in its efforts to break itself free. A video made by villagers showed that the fence was encircling tigress’ neck and it was trying hard to break it. Villagers said that the fences are used to keep wild herbivorous away from the farms and the tigress might have caught itself in the fence while running after a pray.

According to officials, tigress was trapped for five hours. They first tranquilized the tigress and then took it away from the village. The forest agency spokesperson, Chad Hande said “When we came to know that a tigress is stuck in a fence, we immediately reached the sport to tranquilize it.” He added “We will leave the tigress in its natural abode in the evening.”

As per the Wildlife Protection Society of India, 50 percent of tigers in the world live in India.

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Published: 09 Jan, 2015
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