Tiger Population Reaches 14 in Sariska as ST 9 Spotted with a Cub

Tiger Cub Spotted in Sariska

Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan celebrated the count rise of tigers with spotting of Tigress ST 9 with a cub. The population of tigers have gone up to 14 in number in the reserve after addition of this little one in the census. Click here to read more about Sariska National Park.

After the two forests guards reported spotting pug marks of a tiger cub with an adult tiger in Indauka and Bandipul Forest Areas, the officials checked the footage of the camera trap, in which Tigress ST 9 was spotted with a 5-month-old cub.

Field Director RS Shekhawat stated that ‘The tigress was relocated to Sariska in January 2013 and she moved in Bandipul, Indauk, Duharmala, Rekamala, Sarunda, Nangalhedi, Berawas and Talvrikshya forest areas. She has mated with tiger ST 6.’

More cameras have been installed in the forest to check if there are more cubs. It is to be noted that a tiger reintroduction programme began in 2008 with the help of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and Wildlife Institute of India after Sariska lost all its tigers in 2005. Within the programme 7 tigers were brought from Ranthambore while an equal number were born here. In 2012, tgress ST 2 littered two cubs, both females. In 2014, tigress ST 2 gave birth to a male and a female cub and in the same year another tigress ST 10 littered two cubs, one a male and one female.

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Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

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Last Updated: June 19, 2019
Published: 19 May, 2016
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