The Spiritual Amarnath Yatra 2015 Slated to Commence on July 2

Amarnath Yatra 2015
The opening and closing dates for the annual Amarnath Yatra (pilgrimage) has been fixed as July 2 and August 29, respectively. Both the Baltal and Pahalgram routes will be available for pilgrims.

Devotees willing to take the pilgrimage have to get their registrations done.

A government official stated that no one will be permitted to go on the pilgrimage without a yatra permit which is issued for the day and the route in question. The official also informed that the process of registration is already underway.

Permits for the pilgrimage are currently being issued by selected branches of J&K bank, Punjab National Bank and Yes Bank in various states and union territories.

For those pilgrims who will be travelling by helicopter, there is no requirement of a separate registration. But the mode of transport notwithstanding, they have to bring along the compulsory health certificate which they must show to the concerned authorities at the time of boarding the helicopter.

The press release also contained a set of rules and guidelines for registration of yatris who wish to embark on the pilgrimage through designated banks. These procedures have been issued by the Amarnathji Shrine Board chaired by the Governor, Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Registration is mandatory for taking the pilgrimage.
  • Unless pilgrims have acquired the Yatra Permit which is valid for the day and route in question, they wouldn’t be allowed to take the yatra.
  • The Yatra Permit can be obtained at selected bank branches (87 of J&K Bank, 305 Punjab National Bank and 38 of Yes Bank) which are located in the different states and union territories.
  • The addresses of the designated banks are mentioned on the website of Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board: www.shriamarnathjishrine.com
  • The process of registration for the yatra got underway on the 1st of March, 2015.
  • Before pilgrims can get their registration done or obtain their Yatra Permit, they are required to submit filled-in the Application Form and Compulsory Health Certificate issued by an authorized doctor/reputed private medical institution as prescribed by the competent authority.
  • A state-wise list of doctors/reputed private medical institutions that have the authority to issue the Compulsory Health Certificate can be found on the website if Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board:  www.shriamarnathjishrine.com
  • Only Compulsory Health Certificates issued after the 10th of February, 2015, will be recognized as valid for the registration process.
  • The registration fee of Rs.50 can be paid at the designated banks.
  • For those travelling by helicopter, there is no need for a separate registration.
  • Pilgrims travelling by helicopter will however be required to produce the Compulsory Health Certificate as prescribed by the government when boarding the helicopter.
  • The pilgrim will be allowed to start his/her journey only on the date and route as entered in the registration form.
  • If you are ex-India pilgrim, you can visit the Board’s website: www.shriamarnathjishrine.com to known how to get registered for the Yatra.
  • As many as five people, in such cases when they are travelling in a group, can also register themselves using the Group Registration Facility.
  • To know about the registration procedure under Group Registration Facility, you can visit the Board’s website:  www.shriamarnathjishrine.com.
First Published on: 09 Mar, 2015
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