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Will Tigress Sundari Wander in the Wild Again?

Will Tigress Sundari Wander in the Wild Again?
Published: 02 Aug, 2018

Brought on 28th June, 2018 to Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha from Bandhavgarh National Park as a part of inter-state tiger relocation project, Sundri, a two-year old Royal Bengal Tigress might wander in the wild soon. According to the report for the month she was under observation, she weighs 134 kgs which indicates that she is showing symptoms of good health and has started adapting to the environment and hunting as well.

Satkosia Tiger Reserve was once a home to a large number of tigers but now the population has gone downhill. To restore the population, the Odisha Government had initiated a programme of the inter-state translocation of tigers mostly from Kanha and Bandhavgarh to Satkosia Tiger Reserve. Before Sundari was relocated to Satkosia, a three-year old Royal Bengal Tiger named “Kanha” was brought to the same reserve and has indicated his acceptance of the wild environment with regular hunting. The officials initially thought that Sundari and Kanha would contribute to the tiger population count, but now they are unsure about this. Even though Kanha has become comfortable, surity of Sundari being comfortable is dicey. In this regard, Sudarshan Panda, additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, has given a statement where the concern of allowing Sundari to be in the wild shall be considered. Monitoring the movement of Kanha is an ongoing process and till now he has not shown any signs of violence; this fact might affect the decision of officials on letting Sundari in the wild soon. Also the officials are planning on introducing four more tigers in the reserve after these two tigers have settled themselves, says Panda.


The process of translocation is never easy and the major obstacle are the residents of Satkosia as they fear the harm tigers could cause. The officials have to take the residents in confidence by reassuring that the tigers won’t harm them or their homes. Since this is a tedious process there is a delay in the relocation of tigers.

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