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Srinagar Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos

Srinagar Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos
Last Updated: July 19, 2018

Have you ever been to Srinagar? If you have, you should have a fair idea of what I am talking about AND if you haven’t been here, well by the end of the blog you will get a clear picture what I am talking about.

I went click after click… there was nothing that I wanted to miss out on…the lake, the houseboats, beautiful white skin locals and the sky kissing mountains… Ah! Srinagar you are simply gorgeous…

Bestowed with nature’s best, Srinagar takes great delight in being one of the best places to visit in India. The panoramic frame includes the miles long Dal Lake and fringed with the marvel of Mughal architecture. The significant Shankarcharya Temple and the sacred Hazratbal shrine also play important role in the impeccable architectural display in Srinagar.

It’s also the role of culture that has caught my eyes in Srinagar… for instance the local language, Kashmiri, spoken with a sweet smile on the face will make you fall in love with the kinship in Srinagar. There ain’t a better host than Srinagar that gives you the real taste of Kashmiri cuisine; the taste of the finger licking 32 dishes (Wazwan) is what you are going to cherish all your life. Participate in one of the local festivities and you shall be bound to get inspired. Here is a video shot by Lawerence Gundersen of the traditional dance performed by the beautiful Kashmiri ladies to get you started.

(Traditional Dance on the Famous Bhumro Song)

The video given here shows women dancing to the tune of traditional ‘Bhumro’ song that have also been featured in one of the Bollywood flicks Mission Kashmir. When you are in Srinagar, you seem to forget the bustles of cities as the beauty of the landscape, architecture and divinity is all you remember. One such sacred structure known for its architecture and divine powers is Hazratbal Shrine.  This consecrated mosque has preserved the hair strand of Prophet Mohammad. The white structure stands majestically on the left bank of Dal Lake, showering blessings on the people of Srinagar. Here is the video shot by Indiagestao of the sacred Hazratbal Mosque

(The Sacred Hazratbal Mosque)

While I was a kid, I was fascinated with houseboats; I liked how these cute looking boats floated on the sparkling water of Dal Lake. You too shall be impressed with these houseboats that apparently are mini hotels. Did I say Mini?? Well, a few of these are… but most of these have been converted to full-fledged luxury hotels with modern amenities and good interior décor. Let me give you an idea of what these houseboats in Srinagar have in store for you with this video shot by Wild Frontiers.

(Houseboats or Mini Hotels in Srinagar)

If you are an early morning person and you are staying in a houseboat, do not be surprised if someone knocks at your door in the morning. In Srinagar there are floating vegetable market and marshland areas near Dal Lake where the vegetables are grown. At dawn, each day, the vegetable sellers get in their boat and sell fresh veggies… the site is colorful and nothing that you have seen in India. Here in this Srinagar Travel video, you can see the glimpse of vegetable market shot by GuardianWitness.

(Floating Vegetable Market in Dal Lake, Srinagar)

With such a refreshing start in the beautiful Dal Lake if you have made that choice then you would love visiting the Mughal Gardens that fringe one end of the Dal Lake. Known for their Persian style of architecture and garden pattern, these gardens are some of the best places to visit in Srinagar.Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh and Chashme Shahi are three gardens that are built in similar pattern. Varieties of flowers, architecture and fresh feel is what will attract you to Mughal Gardens in Srinagar. Pari Mahal near Chasme Shahi Garden and the Tulip Garden (where you can see strips and strips of rare tulip flowers) surrounded by the three gardens are added attractions in Srinagar. Also, a Tulip festival is held in Srinagar annually. Here is the video shot by Shiran De Silva offering you a good look at the Tulip Garden. Check it out

(Tulip Garden in Srinagar)

Did you know that Kashmir has some of the biggest golf courses in India? Well, it is true; adding to the superb natural scenorama, there are two golf courses in Srinagar namely, Royal Springs Golf Course and Kashmir Golf Club which are worth visiting. Spread in acres of land, tastefully designed Srinagar golf courses offer world class venue for golfing and sightseeing as well. Here is the clip for you from Srinagar Best Travel videos shot by India Hotel Review,     who have done a pretty good job in capturing a pleasing picture of golf courses in Srinagar.

(Golf Courses in Srinagar)

No blog or article on Srinagar is complete without the mention of the beautiful centrally located Dal Lake. The daily bread of many, this scintillating water body has many roles to play, sometimes it becomes a getaway for a couple looking for some extra romance, sometimes it is an ideal haunt for a photographer who can get hundreds of different pictures of nature… Home to several indigenous and migratory birds and attraction for tourists… Dal can by no means be ignored when it comes to attractions in Srinagar. Let us sail through the lake with the help of this beautiful video shot by Daintellekt.

(View of Dal Lake)

Phheww!! All this travelling, boating and lingering have made me really hungry! Let us get into the Kashmiri kitchen in Srinagar and find out what all this good host has to offer. At any good restaurant in Srinagar you can treat your taste buds with authentic 32 dishes or Wazwan. Other than that if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian (LIKE ME!) you are going to love Srinagar!! Rogan Josh (Lamb based dish), Yakhni (yogurt based mutton), Goshtaba and Mujh Gaad are a few dishes that you should try in Srinagar. However, if you are a vegan,  try Bom Chount-Wangan (Apple and Brinjal dish), Ledir Chhaman (Paneer) and Nadir Yakhin (Lotus Stem dish). Also do not forget to try the local beverage in Srinagar called Kahwah, which is prepared using green tea, saffron, spices and almonds and walnut. Noon Chai (Salt tea) and Sheer Chai (Sweet tea) are also worth trying. Here is a clip from this gallery of Srinagar Best Travel Videos shot by Shafeeqt showing the preparation of Wazwan…Boy it got me drooling! I hope it does the same to you.

(Wazwan Preparation)

Although it is ideal to visit Srinagar in summers, the look in the winter season cannot be missed as well. Here is a glimpse for you of Srinagar in winter in a video shot by Anakrit, take a look.

(Snow in Srinagar)

BRRRR… Snow just gave a chill down my spine, but did you just see how fascinating Srinagar looks after the snow falls! You could also see people walk down the road despite the heavy snowfall…Good host Srinagar! Whether winter or summer, you are going to have a fabulous time here! The food, hospitality, culture, landscape and environment… things just keep getting better here!!Oh how could I forget about the art and craft in the city?? Kashmiris are skilled at making carpets, painting urns, walnut wood carved articles, willow works or wickerworks traditional Dongra jewellery and paper mache…TALENT comes handy here! I want to seal this blog with this beautiful video on Art and Craft in Kashmiri shot by Indian Tourism eCatalog, let’s take a look

(Kashmiri Art and Craft Skill)

Published: 19 Jun, 2014
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