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Saturday Night in Metropolitan Cities in India

Saturday Night in Metropolitan Cities in India
Last Updated: July 22, 2019

From Sufi to Dirty Dancing, from Live Concerts to Dance Bars… Metropolitans Cities in India have grand plans for Saturday night gigs AND guess what??… ‘YOU’ are invited!!

Weekends are the best part of the week! Aren’t they? They let you relax and clear your head, and you can shake a booty or two or may be dip yourself in a pool of liquor (I wouldn’t recommend that though!) but what I want to say is that a weekend is the only time when you get ‘ME  TIME’ and you can do whatever pleases you. Well, I don’t want to rush into philosophy and emotional stuff which will remind you of the hectic week you had. Let’s get the party started and talk about the places and plans the busy metropolitan have in store for you on a Saturday night and believe me by the end of the blog you will be more than happy of your life in a metro!

Dhak Dhak Saturday Nights in Delhi…

I am an ardent Delhi nightlife lover; I think there is no place like Delhi to party, though I know a few of you have reasonable arguments to take on my proclamation, which by the way are welcome in the comment box below! Anyways… So like I said, Delhi is an amazing place to party, you have good amount of clubs located inside 5 star luxury hotels. The best part of in-house clubs is that they have the privilege to exempt from the 1.00 AM curfew, so you can get jiggy with music, dance and awesome ambiance till the wee hours in the morning.


Crash on the Dance floor

If you like dancing, Shroom in The Crescent Mall is your place for Saturday! Gorgeous interior, great crowd and superb dance music with of course some Bollywood Latka Jhatka stuff and EDM, Shroom gets you moving all through the night. Other than Shroom you can head to Urban Pind in GK-1, Billionaire in Vasant Kunj, Agni in The Park Hotel and Kitty Su in The Lalit for some  of the best places to visit on a Saturday night in Delhi. If you are up for a live music gig on Saturday night, Blue Frog, situated opposite Qutub Minar in The Kila is certainly a place to approach.


Cheer and Beer at Sports Bars

BUT… dancing is not the only thing Delhi has in store for you, SO if you are someone who enjoys throwing yourself on the couch on weekends and grabbing a couple of beers while you watch your favourite sport on TV, then invite yourself in to Underdog Sports Bar & Grill at Vasant Kunj .  It is indeed one of the top sports bars in Delhi with a lively environment. It has a  sporty décor that includes large Billiard Tables, Fuse Ball setup and TV screens to go with. Beer and other alcohol along with great food and games and active participation make this place worth spending your Saturday night! Other than Underdog, you can head to Sports Bar in Noida, which is another great place to be at. Located inside the GIP Mall, Sports Bar is a cool place to hangout on a Saturday night. Grab a beer or two and watch your favorite team play while you munch on some lipsmacking snacks in here.

All Sufi You Go

AND all you Sufi Souls…You don’t have to feel left out, as Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen brings you a lively Sufi night in Gurgaon. Avail yourself pitchers of fresh brewed beer and imbue in the Sufi music, the dimly lit room and the trance ambiance ensure a memorable Saturday night here. You can enjoy a great Ghazal night at Colors and Spice restaurant, located in the Siri Fort Complex. It is a decent place, where along with sipping on some tongue slurping mocktails and cocktails and enjoying fine dining, you can listen to some really soulful live ghazals and also request for your favourite number. Pleasing service and musical environment… You can definitely go home satisfied and happy on a Saturday night from here.

Hakuna Matata Saturday Nights in Kolkata

Kolkata is the only place in India with a nightlife limit of 2.00 AM, Yeah Yeah… They are partying harder than any of us living in other metropolitan cities AND we love this spirit of the City of Joy.  Nightclubs, Bar and Cultural Centres…yes you read it right ‘Cultural Centres’ remain open till late night. Right from dance and music events to the authentic booty shaking in a hip nightclub, from the live rock band rocking the upbeat lounges to the smoke machines Hookah bars, Kolkata is geared up to fight against Saturday Nightmares.


Burn the Dancefloor

Happy feet Kolkata has got everything sorted, if you want to dance through the night… Tantra in The Park Hotel is open for you. This up class nightclub has chic décor and some of the best party people from around the world. Great music to keep you grooving and a spacious dance floor to crash on; a must try is the Saturday special cocktails here. Since this club is located in the premises of Park Hotel, you can expect good gentry to show up.  Another place to hit in Kolkata is Underground in the Hotel Hindustan International. Playing some great hip-hop remixes and EDM, this place is a great  for party crashers who like to groove all through the night.


Drink Till You Drop

Another great place to visit in The Park is Someplace Else Pub. The best part about this lounge here is that you can drop by early evening around 4.00 PM and stay back till 2.00 AM. Enjoy the live band that rocks every single brick of the place. Sing with the bands, move your body to the grooving music or simply sit and take it all in… Someplace Else is a good PLACE TO BE AT!

Do What the Mask Says…. Smokin’

Hookah bars have a fair share of fame everywhere. I mean who doesn’t want to go to a lounge and have few drags from the Hookah? AND of course showing off the much-rehearsed smoke tricks cannot be ignored as well. Sheesha Reincarnated on Camac Street is an ideal Saturday night invasion place. All you have to do is inflate your lungs and hit the Hookah Bar, where more than 25 fruit-flavoured Hookahs await. Tap your foot to the latest Bollywood remixes and everyone’s favourite EDM.

Sleepless Saturday Nights in Mumbai

It is true that Mumbai never sleep…AND on the Saturday nights we will not let Mumbai sleep. The grandfather of nightlife, Mumbai makes sure that your weekend in the city is never wasted and that you go back home (OR May Be Not!) with nothing but unsurpassed memories. Live music bands, trendy lounges, Bollywood stars and party animals bustle the city on a Saturday night. The juxtaposition of glamour and booze create an ambiance that you can run and hide from but can never escape!


 Get Groovin’

Mumbai lets you dance all through the night; the chic clubs and the live music keep the night grooving and moving. Blue Frog, Bonobo, Café Zoe, Tryst and Triology are some of the best clubs in Mumbai to hit the floor. With Tryst in Lower Parel being an expensive affair (Costing about Rs 30000 per person), it is indeed one of the best places to party on a Saturday night in Mumbai. On the other hand, the sexy red couches, massive dance floor and Club mixes make Triology in Juhu a happening place. On a Saturday night, expect to be dazzled by the long legged beauties and some great cocktails here. Hype in Worli and Privé in Colaba are other great places to lock yourself for a Saturday night party in Mumbai. An African themed club known as Bollywood Mischeif in Bandra West is another hip place to be at. Initially, a place for African natives living in Mumbai, this place has made it large with their authentic African music and crowd. So, if you are in search for variety, this is definitely a place to explore in Mumbai.


Go Chic at Chic Bars

Go CLASSY and settle for an up class bar and lounge to get the feel of the Saturday night fever. Mumbai has some of the most posh resto-bars and lounges; the gorgeous interior and the best of alcohol cocktails in the house cannot be compromised for anything. The roof-top bars and the pool-side lounges are quite the trend in Mumbai. Aer, Dome, Asilo and Olive are some great places to spend a lazy yet lively Saturday night in Mumbai. Where Aer in Worli is known for being a roof-top bar with some stunning décor, Olive in Khar West is a classic Mediterranean themed bar that serves some delicious drinks and food. On the other hand the elegant Asilo and Dome bars in Lower Parel and Marine Drive respectively have lot to offer to their guests; right from the stunning view of the setting sun from the Marine Drive to the cocktails that make your tongues slurp. The music sets the mood of the crowd on a Saturday night making you never want to go home.


Live Concert’s Saturday

AND there are always live concerts that take you by your ears to dance and wave your hands in the air all through the night in Mumbai. Bollywood star-studded music concerts and lively acts every now and then keep the Mumbaikers happy and on their feet on most weekends. You also go sleepless on a Saturday night and experience the unparalleled nightlife in Mumbai!

Partying Hard on Saturday Nights in Bangalore

Bangalore indeed ‘Work hard, play hard, and keep partying like it’s ITS job!’  The regular live musical gigs and the freaky party people make Bangalore a happening place to be at! Saturday nights are undoubtedly fun nights with people hanging out in the tastefully designed clubs and bars. One thing that impresses me in Bangalore is the taste for good music, no matter where you go in the city you will hear great mixes and sounds of music and Saturday night is no exception.


Party High

If you have the desire to set the dance floor on fire on a Saturday… well let me tell you, you have all the liberty to do that at Skyye, Pebbles, Sutra and Athena. With the coolest DJs’ playing some record breaking numbers, great drinks laid on the bar table and the ambiance to die for, these fiery places are indeed the best clubs in Bangalore. You may want to take some time and glare at the chic set up of Skyye in KG Halli, the rooftop themed lounge has stunning view as well and of course you are going to love the music here! Another great haunt for party-goers is Pebbles on Bellary Road… known for its jungle themed set up, superlative music and great crowd. A comfy place with bean bags thrown on the floor in the name of seating, Pebbles has something for everyone on a Saturday night in Bangalore.


Chit-Chatty Bars and Brewed Beer

Bangalore has a good taste for food and drinks as well; therefore one of the ideal ways to spend a Saturday night in the city is to sit in a posh resto-bar, listening to some fabulous remixes and trance music while you munch on some delectable food and drink the best of the house.  Toit in Indira Nagar II Stage, Blimey on MG Road, Ice in Vivanta by Taj are some of best bars in Bangalore city offering just what you need to carry the Saturday night fever further. Brewed beer is one of the prime attractions of most of these bars and is served with ice and a pinch of love!

Saturday Night couldn’t get better in metropolitan cities with fabulous musical nights, sumptuous food, delightful drinks and freaky crowd … you just can’t have enough of it! I hope this list proves to be of some help in rocking your party not only on Saturday night but on every single night. Remember Party is the Way of Life! Keep Rocking!

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Published: 20 May, 2014
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