Sariska Tiger Reserve Witnesses The Birth Of Two More Tiger Cubs

Sariska National Park
There is another good news coming from Sariska Tiger Reserve that will cheer all wildlife enthusiasts up. And that news is forest officials have confirmed to sighting two more cubs of tigress ST-10 on Friday. Taking these two cubs into account, the number of tigers in Sariska has reached to 13. Before this, two cubs, around 3-4 months old, of tigress ST-2 were also spotted in this reserve on 20th July of this year.

The DFO of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Manoj Parasar, in a statement said that the images of the cubs with their mother ST-10 were captured by trap cameras around 4:30 am on Friday (29th Aug).

ST-10 made Bijapur her territorial ground three months ago. Since Sariska officials knew that the tigress has given birth in this territory, they increased the security around and were waiting for trap cameras to catch the images of cubs. And the wait was finally over when cameras caught the cubs on Friday. The officials stated that the other tigress in Sariska ST-9 may also have given birth but the cubs have not been spotted yet.

The cubs of ST-10 have given a reason to rejoice to all tiger lovers in Rajasthan and also exhibit the potential of Sariska Tiger Reserve to dwell tigers that were vanished completely from the region due to hunting, poaching and other such factors, which were common in many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India.

The authorities had to relocate 8 tigers to Sariska in 2008 to resurrect their existence in the region. However, one of them was poached by villagers in November, 2010. But the continuous and honest efforts of authorities to save tigers are turning out to be fruitful, which is evident from the fact that six cubs have taken birth in the reserve since 2008.

The officials are positive that the increasing number of tigers in Sariska would promote tourism, which will help in economic development in the area.

Sariska Tiger Reserve, located in Alwar, is a prime attraction for wildlife lovers visiting Rajasthan. It covers the area of 866 km sq. and considered to be a significant part of India’s Project Tiger. With tiger population in this reserve continuously increasing, it is playing a crucial role in promoting wildlife tourism in India. Besides Bengal Tigers, one can also sight golden jackal, sambhar, leopard, jungle cat, caracal, striped hyena, chital and many other species in Sariska.

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First Published on: 01 Sep, 2014
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