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Ranthambore’s Tourists Spotted a Tiger Cub in the Park

Ranthambore Tiger
A tiger cub was spotted in the Balash area of Ranthambore National Park on Wednesday, September 9, 2015. According to reports, during the evening gypsy safari on Wednesday, a group of visitors and forest officials witness a sight of a tiger cub in company of an adult tigress.

As per the forest officials who have confirmed the news, the tiger cub is said to be the little one of Tiger T-61. According to the eye-witness, the cub and his mother were seen taking a walk in the Balash region but before any photo could be taken, both the cats vanished in the nearby tall grass area. Where, the tourists are confirming a sight of two cubs, the forest officials have confirmed the existence of only one cub.

Since the cub and his mother could not be captured in the camera of any tourist, the forest officials have decided to install more cameras in the forest. According to ACF, Ranthambore National Park a special team has also been appointed to vigil the movement of the new cub. The official also stated that after obtaining few pictures and report from the special team, the National Park will confirm the existence as well as number of the tiger cubs.

Photo Courtesy: Google (This image is used for illustration purposes only)

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First Published on: 11 Sep, 2015
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