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Ooty Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos

Ooty Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos
Last Updated: July 24, 2018

I have travelled places in India, but the memories from Ooty are still fresh in my mind; Gosh! I just couldn’t believe the Nilgiri Hills are such an emerald beauty. What more? Even if you are not a leisure seeker the crystal clear rippling lakes set in the midst of forests will just sway you as a leisure escaper. Dream of your nights you spend with your wife OR be naughty at forty you can recall your balmy college days. This picturesque hill station at 2,240 meters has many charming spots to fascinate scores of travelers paying a visit here. The town never fails to amaze the visitors with its several heritage buildings, a few of which are major attractions in Ooty.

I will drive you through the heritage chapters later on… but let me for now focus on the bountiful nature of Ooty. Guys… just frame Avalanche Valley as one of your utmost places to visit in Ooty. And the journey starts here. The very first thing that enticed me was the- “Avalanche Valley”. It is the best place for those who love taking a stroll amid nature. Nestled just 18 miles from Ooty, it is dotted with rhododendrons, streams, shoal trees, orchids and a trout stream making it the most famous sites around Ooty. One can reach here in an hour while enjoying the beautiful gifts of nature on the way. Let’s see what Venki Emi got for us from the below video on Avalanche Valley.

Video on Avalanche Valley

If trekking is your cup of tea, then go for it and set up a camp amidst the verdant beauty. I bet the above video must have hammered your pulses. You will certainly feel as if you are in a dream world. There is plenty for those who love fishing. All in all the sight in itself is charming enough.

Let me get you a thrilling experience like never before – As I gave you a picture earlier on its  lush greenery, sparkling brooks, secluded lakes, beautiful spots, extensive tea gardens, misty clouds and perfectly romantic ambience… Blah Blah Blah… Words I won’t count further as I’m into my dreams now. Wanna see Ooty with me… a better picture of it?  Ok don’t start building castles in the air; I’m giving a touch of Ooty culture, which will familiarize you with the different rituals and traditions of the people staying here. Heard about Toda huts? It’s one of the unique things that you will notice here in Ooty. Toda huts are home to Toda tribes, which is one of the indigenous tribes in India The majority of the population of Nilgiri is largely dependent on cattle-herding and dairy-work. They are vegetarians and their houses are called Doggles. Given below is an informative documentary on the Toda tribes.  Let’s check what Sadyesachi has got for us from his experience.

Documentary on Toda Tribes

No doubt, the scenic exquisiteness of this place has made it the most sought after places of India, but what other aspects draw the attention of the tourists to this place…We are going to find that out here in this blog, so don’t go anywhere if above the mentioned lines have generated a little bit interest to continue further!!! Whistle through the heritage tracks of Ooty. I’m speaking about a ride on Nilgiri Mountain Railway that snakes through the Nilgiri mountains from Coonoor to Ooty. Now let me throw you some facts. If you remember the scenes from the movie “A Passage to India”, which is one of the best movies based on travelling in Indian destinations you will get a glimpse of the Coonoor railway station, which in reality is approximately 19 kilometer from Ooty. Let us now take a tour on the Nilgiri Mountain Railways through the following video shot by Paul Hamilton.

Nilgiri Mountain Railways

There’s no doubt that no other place can be as captivating as Ooty; tendering so much for honeymoon couples. One will feel connected to Mother Earth. Don’t give a second thought to it as it is certain to make your holiday in Ooty a memory of a lifetime with various attractions…!

To explore the vicinity of Red Hills in Ooty… just step into Red Hills Resort. Located in the midst of a sprawling landscape it offers outdoor recreation, matchless hospitality, world class facilities and unsurpassed exquisiteness of Nilgiris. Head off to Lake District in Red Hills tendering you an opportunity to experience the magnificent and natural beauty formed by the water of this place. It is known for the enormous lake reservoirs which make for amazingly charming scenery. Each lake has a unique charm that exerts a pull on tourists in distant parts of the world. Porthimund, Upper Bhavani, Parson’s Valley Lake and emerald are some of the popular lakes here. One can also try a hand in fishing in these scenic blue lakes. Further, capture the pictures of migratory birds flying over the lakes. Wildlife enthusiasts can head off to the Govind Ballabh Pant Zoo and scout various wildlife species like Bengal Tigers, monkeys, elephants and so on. Watch this video shot by Vinupa. It is one of the best Ooty travel videos that will take you through the vicinity of Red Hills.

Video on Red Hills

Another popular attraction for tourists in Ooty, Ketty Valley View Point is located on the coonoor Road in the region of Nilgiri Mountains in the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu. It boosts pleasant climate throughout the year. There are many tea plantations in this region and the very first tea plantation was established in this place. It is a small charming village offering you the idealistic magic amid the lush green forest. It is easily reachable from some of the famous tourist attractions around Kelly valley View Point like Stone House, Ooty Golf Course, Sims Park and St.Stephen’s Church.  Let’s watch a video to know more about Ketty Valley view point.

Video on Ketty Valley View Point

When I made it to Ooty Botanical Gardens, I couldn’t stop admiring the wonders of nature….a superb tourist place positioned on the hillock of Ooty, Ooty Botanical Gardens is spread over an area of 50 acres of verdant land. It is maintained by the government and the horticulture department. It is the perfect place for nature lovers and is visited by both domestic and international travelers, especially in the month of April when flowers are in full bloom. It is indeed a perfect place to relax and unwind in the midst of sprawling natural beauty and serene ambience. Have a glance at the video of Ooty Botanical Garden.

Video on Ooty Botanical Garden

Proceeding from the breathtaking beauty of Ooty to a colorful summer festival that comprises different activities like spice show, rose show, vegetable show and dog show.  It is a 16 day summer fair that is an added attraction for the travelers coming to Ooty. The main highlight of this fair is the Flower show, which takes place at the Botanical Garden for two days.  The time spent here will be the best of your life and you will remember it for many, many years. So are you ready to travel with me? Well, I’m not gonna miss the The Annual Tea and Tourism Festival, which is one of the major festivals in Ooty, held during the winter season. To seek the culture of Ooty one can experience the clamour of Indian classical dance and music and other cultural programs during this festive mood. Further… if you go off ramp to the Tea Factory in Ooty… MIND IT! You may simply blend with the rich aroma in the midst of fine pine and eucalyptus trees. Let’s check out this video on Tea Festival in Ooty as shot and uploaded by .

Tea Festival in Ooty

I certainly hadn’t traveled so far to be in awe of such exquisiteness….,Around 9 mile from Ooty, Pykara Lake offers superb experience of boating along with charming landscape of the Nilgiri trees making it a wonderful place to pay a visit when in Ooty. The tranquil lake, the tweeting of birds and crystal clear lake will add a memorable experience in your travel book. One can also catch a glimpse of dawn and dusk which is amazing here. It is a wonderful getaway miles from the hectic city life. Walking half a km from here will bring you to the cascading waterfall which can be visited from August to January. Watch this video made by Rahul Sidharth.

Video on Pykara Lake

So far, we have discussed a lot about the bounties of nature. So, let us take a little break and head towards the spiritual attractions of the region:

Let’s take an insight into the religious and cultural representation of the hill station – Holy Trinity Church is amongst the most splendid destinations that one must not miss out on visiting such an inevitable option on his/her tour to Ooty. It attained recognition in 1858 and since then this place has been a destination of sacred halt. The renowned Tamil scholar – George Uglao Pope, is famed to have been a part of it since the very beginning. Its intricate carvings give a wow factor and a delight to the eyes.

Moving on to another well known attraction- St.Stephen’s Church; famed for the best colonial structures in Ooty. Folks come here to tender prayers and true feelings of them show that somewhere on the planet, God is still there in the hearts of many people. The coolness in the church is amazing as it is made from wood. Let us watch one of the Ooty videos shot by Dany Dan.

Video on St. Stephen’s Church

Ummmmm…. what a mouthwatering cuisine it was…Shinkow’s Chinese restaurant, located on Commissioner’s road and best in everything from noodles, soups to an array of meat-based delicacies. If you want to have something lighter then go for burger, pizza, salads from the main bazaar of this town. Some of the other yummy dishes that you can try on the tour to Ooty are Cakes, chocolates, buns, varkis and other bakery items.

Video on Shinkow’s Chinese Restaurant

After having a yummy food of Ooty, it is time to know about the historical facts – the first bungalow in Ooty was erected in the year 1822 by John Sullivan. It is a must see place for history buffs as it has on display some remarkable antiquities and great architecture.

Before I end, let’s take a glimpse of the most famous hotel in Ooty- Taj Savoy; spread over 6 acres of lush greenery; tendering colonial style cottages that were erected during 1834-1865. A calm retreat, it is indeed a perfect mélange of old and new charm. And if you are looking for a mind-blowing weekend at Ooty, then add it to your itinerary and make your vacations memorable and unique.

Video on Taj Savoy

On the other hand, the Fernhills Palace that was built in the year 1844, today is one of the popular heritage hotels in Ooty, reflecting the colonial diorama. It was the erstwhile residence of the Maharaja of Mysore and the palace resembles the Swiss Chalet. Set in the midst of a sprawling landscape, dotted with manicured gardens, firs and cedars… Fernhills Palace is a must visit for all. Let’s take a glimpse of the Fernhills Palace, Ooty, from the below video as shot by “daintellekt” (could be a fictitious name).

Video on Fernhills Palace

Published: 17 Jun, 2014
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