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Night Safari in Kanha National Park to Start Soon

Night Safari in Kanha National Park to Start Soon
Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Authorities of Kanha National Park have sent a proposal to government to start night safari in some restricted areas of its buffer zone as to increase footfall. It is to notice that the night safari has already been organized in Pench and Satpura National Park. And by far, it has received some good response as tourists have already encountered tigers. Initially, the authorities have asked the government to give the permission of only three vehicles, which will carry approximately 6 people. Efforts are also on to use night vision glasses for better visibility.

RP Singh, additional PCCF wildlife, said to the media that buffer zone of Kanha National Park is not restricted as there are many villages around. But after sunset, the entry is restricted. However, from now on, if the proposal is accepted, a two to three hour guided tour will be organized after the sunset. Even with the commencement of the night safari, the Eco-development committees, formed by the villages, will get some revenue. He further said that after the development of grassland, a large number of herbivores visit the open area and the night visits will ultimately add the excitement.

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Published: 06 Oct, 2016
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