Nainital: Yachting Opens for Public and the Lake Looks More Surreal

Nainital: Yachting Opens for Public and the Lake Looks More Surreal
Last Updated: August 27, 2019

Past weekend I visited my hometown, Nainital. Though a short trip, I made sure that I sat by the lake like always; it is the ideal thing to do in Nainital and you have to agree with me that nothing gives you more pleasure than to sit by this emerald lake quietly and to enjoy the scenic beauty. Ah! How even writing about it makes me nostalgic. Anyway, getting back to the pivotal reason why this blog is being written; as I was sitting by lakeside and a few boatmen approached me for the ride on a yacht (Yes, 25+ years of residing in Nainital and being a local Kumaoni person, I am still treated as a tourist!), which I politely refused. However, it made me a bit curious about the scene of yachting in Nainital because as far as I knew, the facility of yachting was only available to Boat House Club’s members and their guests. But after asking a couple of friends from the city, I came to know that sailing on these lovely boats have been thrown open for public. Now you don’t necessarily have to be the member of N.T.Y.C to enjoy sailing and only by paying Rs 500 for two people you can have an experience of a lifetime.

For those of you who are yet to visit Nainital, let me tell you yachting is amongst the best things to do in the city. While you enjoy your strolls on Mall road, your ride on cable cars and excursion of popular places to see, you must and I will say it again, MUST have an experience on these candy-striped sails. Here is a video that can help you understand the fun of yachting better:

Why You Should Try Yachting in Nainital

Owned by Nainital Boat House Club, these pretty yachts have long been a matter of envy for those who weren’t the members of the club and matter a pride for those who were. The Nainital Yacht Club or N.T.Y.C came into being in 1910 and ever since it has been rendering the excellent opportunity for yachting to its members.

It is also to be noticed that Naini Lake is amongst world’s highest lakes for yachting and that is why there is no way that you should miss out on this experience!

Nainital Tourism Blossoming and Promising Better Hospitality

Nainital Tourism Blossoming and Promising Better Hospitality

Apart from yachts what catches the eye in Nainital at the moment is the amount of fish in the lake. Yes, the emerald lake is enjoying the company of a large schools of fish that can be seen on the upper surface of the water. Sitting at the lakeside, you can even feed these water creatures who feel delighted when fed with small pieces of bread and other edibles. Here is the short video for you:

Also, it is great to see the old Bandstand being renovated to bring back the old world charm. If the locals are to be believed, again this place will be offering music performances once its renovation is complete, indeed it will be a great sight! The parks near the Capital Cinema also look nice and so does the seating area near at what was once called the Ghoda Stand or Horse Stand. The Mall Road looks as perfect as it always was and the Tallital Daat Area is even more inviting than it was.

Since it is autumn, Nainital is covered with the shades of yellow and orange and of course adding to it are the azure sky, emerald lake and the ever-so-green mountains. So, if you are up for some quality time with nature, this is the best time to visit Nainital.

Other Attractions Near Nainital

Kayaking on Naukuchiatal Lake

Kayaking on Naukuchiatal Lake | Photo:

The neighbouring tourist attractions of Nainital like Sattal, Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal also have few new things to add to the fun of spending the holiday in the region. At a short distance from Bhimtal, you can enjoy paragliding, whereas in Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal and Sattal, you can try hands at Kayaking and Canoeing. If that is not enough, you can also relish the thrill of zorbing in Bhimtal. Also, a Botanical Garden has also been initiated on the Khurpatal Road somewhere close to the fall, make sure to check it out as well.

So, you see, you do have lot to look forward to and I am sure lot more is in the pipeline as well! Enjoy your trip to Nainital and around and try these newly introduced activities. It would also be nice if you share your travel stories with us, we would be more than happy to listen to them as well as publish them. Also, when you are in Nainital, let it know that I miss it and long to come back. Don’t litter and follow all the rules the city asks you to and I am certain you will have the best trip of your life.

Published: 28 Oct, 2016
Nidhi Singh


From the Lake District, Nainital, Nidhi Singh is a travel writer whose love for mountains can be seen in her write ups. Talk about solo travelling, indulging in adventure activities, binging on good food, planning budget trips or the Aurora Borealis and you will get all her attention. It is the wanderlust that keeps her going and if at all she could get one wish granted she would love to live a life less ordinary. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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