Nainital Ready to Host Tourists This Summer Holiday Season

Nainital Ready to Host Tourists This Summer Holiday Season
Last Updated: July 26, 2018

With the peak holiday season round the corner, Nainital is all geared up to welcome guests who will be heading to this popular hill station in large numbers to get away from the sweltering heat and spend so peaceful time in the arms of nature.

Boating on the famous Naini Lake is normally on the top of the wish list of things to do among visitors.

In fact for the boatmen it is the best time to make some quick money and secure their livelihood. The preparation for the impending peak season starts two months earlier, as they acquire new boats and refurbish existing ones, like varnishing them, so that get the attention of travelers. The makeover of the boats is a crucial aspect in attracting customers, as travelers tend to ignore poorly decorated boats that look dilapidated and unsafe.

The excitement of the impending holiday season can also be felt in other areas in Nainital like hotels and restaurants –they too are busy decorating and renovating with an eye on maximizing business opportunities.

Then there are hotels that coming up with newer and grander menus to gratify the taste buds of visitors and make their stay in the hill station memorable. You ask anybody and you will get the same answer: we are ready to welcome the guests in our own capacity. And it can be a boatmen, restaurant or hotel owner.

The best part about this year’s celebrations in Nainital is you have the opportunity to watch the folk dance event which incidentally is held for the first time here. Since the event will showcase many events with a local flavor, it gives you a rare insight into the culture and traditions of the people of the charming hill station. The weather at the point of writing is very good and if it holds you are guaranteed of some unbelievable time here. With no elections around, organizers are predicting a good response to the event from across the country.

Published: 27 Apr, 2015
Kamlesh Nayal


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