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Day-Long Stays at Lesser Known Wildlife Reserves Near Pench

Day-Long Stays at Lesser Known Wildlife Reserves Near Pench
Last Updated: July 24, 2018

In an attempt to boost the tourism of its neighbouring lesser known wildlife reserves, Pench National Park decided to take certain measures. The tiger reserve which is also a national park has taken into consideration the low tourism in its contiguous wildlife reserves and has allowed day-long stay inside their forests. According to MS Reddy, Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) and Field Director, Pench National Park, a three-pronged strategy has been made to boost tourism at Chorbahuli, Saleghat-Nagalwadi and Deolapar in buffer.

Let us have a look at what all has been done from this popular Madhya Pradesh national park’s end:

  • Tourist vehicles coming to Pench will be allowed to visit Chorbahuli from Sillari side as well.
  • Chorbahuli’s total capacity of 48 vehicles per day has been bifurcated to 28 per day. Now 14 vehicles each in morning and evening can enter from Chorbahuli gate and the remaining 20 vehicles entry shall be shifted to Sillari from where tourists will also be able to visit Chorbahuli.
  • At Khursapar Area daylong visits have been allowed to four vehicles. The tourism routes have been increased by 20 kilometres and vehicle capacity has been raised from 38 to 60 per day.
  • Pucca machans have also been set up at scenic locations and watch towers have also been made at Khursapar, Bandra, Bakhari and Usripar. Also, out of 30 vehicles, four will be allowed to stay day-long on machans inside the forest for which entry will be offline and shall be available on first-come-first-serve basis. For the day-long stay, visitors have to pay three times more for entry and guide, and double fee for Gypsy and vehicle.
  • The zones of Saleghat and Nagalwadi are now integrated. The visitors will be taken on 64 kms jungle safari and the vehicle capacity has been kept at 24 (12 each shift) from Saleghat, and 14 from Nagalwadi.
Published: 18 Nov, 2016
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