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Mumbai Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos

Mumbai Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos
Last Updated: July 6, 2018

The city that embraces folks from all regions, traditions and economic backgrounds is none other than the “Financial Capital of India”, Mumbai. Last month, I got a chance to visit this place and can you imagine what made my journey more meaningful and exciting- several museums, unique culture, exotic cuisines and these are not all…. I witnessed much more than I thought while planning a holiday to this lively destination. It is indeed a place that never sleeps…a place where travelers from all over the world throng to appreciate the lifestyle and endearing hospitality..!! I never thought that any place in India would have such a positive influence on my mind. The feel of this place is matchless and there is something pleasing about this destination that entices travelers to visit time and again.

Among the scores of attractions in Mumbai, the one that immediately comes to mind is Dharavi, which is the largest slum of India and third largest in Asia, situated right amid the capital of the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai. It is a home to thousands of people and if you go there you can witness the hard lifestyle of the people staying there. Moreover, products like pottery, leather and textiles are goods that are produced here by the residents of the slum. In contrast to the sullen streets most of the resident of this place possesses a television with cable connection, cooking gas and electricity. It is a must visit place when in Mumbai. I am going to take you close to this place through an excellent video shot by Dreamtime Productions.

[Video on Dharavi]

OH MY GAWD!!! In Mumbai and you have not travelled in the local trains? That’s more of a contrast than Dharavi in compare to the posh clamour. Man ‘o’ Woman… being a traveller and to catch the bustle hours just travel once… the suburban railways in Mumbai connects every dust and pebble of the city; these trains are the most important means of transportation in Mumbai. While writing about the local trains of Mumbai, I could recall some lines from the movie “Ek Challis Ki Last Local” – ‘Suna tha Yahaan Aadami Puri Zindagi Apani Kismat, Slow Track se fast track laane mein nikal deta hai’… what a film it was….well taking a ride of Mumbai local train will not only save your time, but offer you a glimpse into the daily life of this city. There are coaches for women, which are safer than the other carts. So, it is advisable for them to travel in these compartments to have a comfortable journey. Let’s watch a video of Mumbai local train shot by Suraj Mohan Jha.

[Video on Mumbai local trains]

One of the fabulous attractions of Mumbai that can draw the attention of anyone on their tour is Warli tribes. Interacting with the Warli people, taking part in their household chores, eating in their homes and sharing folktales will add on a unique chapter on your holiday in Mumbai. Warli painting is a gorgeous art of Maharashtra, created by the tribal on the northern outskirts of Mumbai. These people convey themselves through a variety of paintings which they hang on the walls of their places. The paintings include images of human beings along with sights from daily life produced in different styles mainly by women. Once you are here, you will find it difficult to move away. Watch this video shot by Film Division showcasing the rich art of the Warli tribes.

[Video on Warli Tribes]

On the other hand… Worli is one of the refreshing places where folks like to go for strolls and sit in the relive the evening..!! It is among the most popular destinations to experience Monsoon in Mumbai. Though Worli is mainly a commercial district, it is home to many rich and renowned people of Mumbai. You might have seen this landmark in scores of Bollywood movies from the early 50s until now.

I felt a great bunch of elating vibes when I drove through Marine Drive. The ambience around the place is invigorating and addictive. It is an idyllic place for evening strolls, sitting and basking in the exquisiteness and harmony of its surroundings. The place shines when the sun sets and appears like a queen’s necklace. On the way to Marine drive, you can catch a glimpse of the bungalow of Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance industries limited. Here is a video made by Richard Hurig on their tour to Mumbai.

[Video on Marine Drive]

Well, it is time to move to a new location in Mumbai –the Bombay Stock exchange, which is located on Dalal Street, one of the busiest places in Mumbai. Step onto the clamour of bull and bear and surge through the hues of red and green when you are in Mumbai. If you happen to travel to this place during trading hours, you are certain to come across a great number of brokers standing outside the stock exchange, giving updates on the market. To enter this building, you will have to get a picture clicked at the entrance; the security will then hand over a photo ID, which is an access to the BSE. I think, security was tightened up after the bomb blasts in 1993. Let’s take a glance of stock exchange market from inside. It is shot by Wildfilmindia.

[Video on Bombay Stock Exchange]

A business hub for many tourists arriving from distant parts of the globe, Nariman Point is perched on the southern tip of Marine Drive in Mumbai. There are many excellent hotels near Narimat point and Marine Drive where you can book a stay and relish an amalgamation of business and leisure facilities. Whatever hotel you consider, you will be rendered with impeccable service and world class facilities. If you are looking to step into one of the luxury hotels in Mumbai, go for Trident that provides much needed comfort and opulence. Here is the video shot by Travelindia.

[Video on Hotel Trident]

A visit to Andheri is a must on a vacation to Mumbai. You can find scores of destinations of interest which have so much to offer to visitors. It is the main hub of the city and tenders a great insight into the daily life of Mumbai. Well my fellow travel mates who affords time to admire some of the bollywood beauties and hunks then I would like to spray some facts that Andheri is ahome to many Bollywood stars like Ajay Devgan, Akshay kumar, Sridevi, Mahima Choudhary and more.  The British erected the Versova road amid Andheri on Sashti Island and islet of Versova in the year 1940.

The ultimate experience one can have on his/her Mumbai tour is by travelling during the monsoon season… which is a delight to some and nightmare to most of the folks living here. As traveller it is up to you the way you want to step on the flooded streets and resist the vehicular traffic. Although the first shower of rain is like a big relief for people after the scorching summer they have tolerated. During this time, you can relish various attractions of Mumbai in a more delighted way. While the young ones are seen relishing the gentle breeze with hot cups of coffee the older ones talk about the good old days having pakoras or Vada Pav. These yummy food items can be had at any street-side food stalls in Mumbai. Now if you want to experience the worst part of Mumbai then the city welcomes you during the monsoon… have well then have a look at this below given video shot by Aman Pathak.

[Video on monsoon in Mumbai]

Also hailed as Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, Bandra Worli Sea Link is an outstanding, implausible creation of man. The destination is located close to Bandra and if you own a car, then don’t miss out on witnessing the Worli Fort when going from Bandra to Worli. You can also see the new Mumbai skyline. Have a glance at this video made by Travel Adda.

[Video on Bandra Worli Sea Link]

Known to be the one of the most splendid beaches of India, Juhu Beach is a place where shootings of many films have taken place. And so it is quite normal to find celebrities strolling along the silent sands of this beach. There are many friends of mine who stay there and tell a lot about this place. Experience of watching a sunset, digging into various dishes available on food stalls, relaxing on the beach after a dull, tiring day; your Mumbai journey is incomplete without traveling to this beautiful beach. You can see the properties of many famous actors and actress nearby Juhu Beach like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sunny Deol, Hrithik Roshan, Raveena and many more. Watch this video on Juhu Beach shot by Duckdodgers.

Offering a better perspective of creative film making, a Bollwood tour is advisable to all the travelers planning a tour to Mumbai.  From art, history, script to screen, it is a 6 hour trip that comprises entry into Bollywood studio, rendezvous with the famous actors and lip-smacking dinner. This is the best way to know about the culture of Mumbai and experience the crazy, colorful and lively Bollywood.

Spread over 64 acres of land and offering endless rides, Essel World is something that will tempt you on your tour to Mumbai. The main highlights here are a virtual play room, an ice-skating rink, the green lochness monster ride and bowling alleys. SCREAM out of fear… LAUGH OUT LOUD… FLY HIGH with excitement… And when you are done with the crazy adventurous experience, head off to the food court where you can relish different varieties of Indian, Chinese and continental cuisines. It is certainly a place for a weekend outing with friends or kids. Click on the link below to see some thrills at Essel World. It is shot by ‘guidento’.

[Video on Essel World]

Have you thought of staying at a property in Mumbai that tenders a sight of the Arabian ocean and the Gateway of India? If yes, then no other hotel can offer you the features you always dreamt of relishing one day. Book your stay at The Taj Palace tendering matchless experience of suites and palace rooms. If you want to make your stay comfortable and pleasurable, then you really can’t find a better option than Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.

An archetypal and a must in every traveler’s itinerary, the Gateway of India is among the most visited places in Mumbai. The stunning structure was erected in 1924 by the British and is a main attraction for travelers who come here for the first time. It was constructed to honor the trip of King George V and Queen Mary to the beautiful city of Mumbai, before proceeding to Delhi in the year 1911. Its design is a mixture of Muslim and Hindu structural designs. The architect known as George Wittet worked for four years to complete the Gateway of India. So guys, this is a short story and rest you can see through a video shot by Wildsfilm India.

Elephant caves are something you can’t miss on a tour to Mumbai and if you do your tour remains incomplete. You can make it to this place from the Gateway of India by taking a ferry ride. It is situated near a concrete jungle just off the shore of Arabian Sea in Mumbai. These are an idyllic example of archaic indian art connected to the cult of Lord Shiva. The island where the caves are erected was actually called Gharapuri and when Portuguese saw a big structure of elephant, they changed it to Elephants Island. Now, it is an important tourist attraction. Click on the following video to get a glimpse of the Gateway of India, Taj Palace and Elephanta Caves shot by Geobeats.

[Video on Gateway of India, Taj Palace and Elephanta Caves]

Watching the magnificent sunset from the pristine beaches of Mumbai is certainly a superb vista. What’s more, there are wonderful restaurants, food stalls positioned from where you can wallow in many scrumptious cuisines. Most folks take a break from their busy schedule and pay a visit to these beaches to unwind with their special ones. So, make a tour to the beaches of Mumbai and get lost in the calm and picturesque surroundings.

An idyllic place for your evening enjoyment, Bars, pubs and nightclubs are the best options to experience a totally different Mumbai. Many famous celebrities and bands arrive here and perform. With tons of travelers streaming in from far and wide, delight yourself to an experience at one of the best bars offering world class facilities and services.

Moving on to another attraction of Mumbai- Siddhivinayak Temple was erected in the year 1801 by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil. Every day, thousands of people come here to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha. It is deemed that whosoever pays a visit to this temple his/her wishes get fulfilled. The day which is considered to be the most important for darshan is Tuesday. It is worth a visit. Let’s watch a video of Aarti from Siddhivanayak shrine shot by Saregamadevotional.

[Video on Siddhivinayak Temple]

A walk through Chor bazaar of Mumbai, which has a fabulous history dating back to more than 150 years, will bring your attention to many stolen goods like the name says. You will see shopkeepers haggling for goods at cheap prices. This is the perfect place for those who are good at quibbling. When you are here, you will be enclosed by Muslim structural design buildings. If you like to collect antique items, you will certainly like this place…!! Let’s have tour of Chor Bazaar from the following video as shot by “filpwiggy”.

[Video on Chor Bazaar]

If you are someone who just loves shopping, you will love it when come across a blend of contemporary and traditional collections at the most popular shopping areas of Bandra, Linking Road. This place is famous for fashion accessories, shoes and clothes. Don’t forget to haggle hard at this bazzar. Always pay less than the quoted price for the item.

There is no doubt about it that Mumbai offers so much to its visitors, seriously!!The other attraction in my list is Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, a Dhobi or Laundryman who gather dirty clothes from houses and return them when they are washed and well pressed. If you want to see the laundrymen in action, visit in the morning. Ah! How can I forget to mention about the bollywood flick “Dhobi Ghat”… nicely reeled, the movie gives you a very heart melting picture of the area.  Now let me show you a glimpse of Dhobi Ghat from the following video as shot by “mainduck”.

[Video on Dhobi Ghat]

One of the most significant places of Mumbai is the Haji Ali is a holy mosque and dargah standing tall amid crystal clear water as a memory to Pir Haji Ali Shah Bhukhari. The Dargah was constructed in 1413 and a blue sea lends a picturesque look to this age-old-temple. You can reach here during low tide and clicking photo of dargah is not allowed.

Do you remember the scenes from a 2013 film called Lunchbox? It was just a slight glimpse of the daily struggle of the Mumbai Dabbawalas. Most office goers like to have home-made food which is generally cooked by women who supply such food through a dabbawalas network. The boxes are delivered to the specific destinations by local dabbawala and after being emptied sent back to the particular houses. Well… the documentary by Akarsh Munshi below on Mumbai dabbawala will give you a better picture.

[Video on Mumbai dabbawala]

After receiving such enegetic vibes, you will be unable to believe that this city has faced highly destructive bombings in 1993 at the major places like Bombay Stock Exchange, Zaveri Bazaar, Worli and Air India Building. This day is named as Black Friday in Mumbai’s history. Even after such vicious attacks, Mumbaikars are full of life and never ending enthusiasm. This city never sleeps, never stops and recovers from mishaps in no time!

Published: 25 Jun, 2014
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