Mayureshwar Supe Wildlife Sanctuary Rolls Out Accommodation Facility For Visitors

Now that the provision of staying overnight has been introduced in Mayureshwar Supe Wildlife Sanctuary in Supe village, interested visitors will be able to spend more time here observing the behavior of wild animals. Forest authorities had been getting accommodation requests for long and now they have finally taken a step in this regard.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

According to Sunil Limaye, chief conservator of forests (wildlife), most of the visitors don’t stay for long in the sanctuary but at the same time there are many who wish to spend a night or two over there. Considering this, we will now pitch tents if visitors are willing to stay overnight. He also said that this sanctuary is not completely a forest area as most of the area is grasslands and the visitors never come to know about its ecological significance. In this honest effort to boost eco-tourism, the whole of interpretation centre of the sanctuary has been revamped.

There will be three tents (dimensions: 15 feet by 12 feet) available for visitors. The lodging is just one facility that has been introduced as a part of Rs 10 lakh revamp of Supe Wildlife Sanctuary. Other amenities are roads, water holes and the interpretation centre. The sanctuary is close to Pune and the addition of these facilities could turn this destination into one of the preferred weekend getaways from this city.

Further, 10 local youths are being trained, so that they can guide the visitors coming to this sanctuary. From now onwards, one of these youths will accompany every visitor’s vehicle entering the area.

Important details about Mayureshwar Supe Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Distance from Pune: Approximately 70 km
  • Area: Approximately 70 sq km
  • Landscape: Grasslands
  • Important Mammals: Jungle Fox, Chinkara, Jackal, Wolf, Hyena and Black-Necked Hare
  • Birds: Birds with Rufus-coloured coats like Larks, Lapwings and Weaver birds are spotted frequently in the grassland area.
Last Updated: July 16, 2019
Published: 13 Oct, 2014
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