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Ladakh Swells with Pride with Construction of Highest Motorable Road in the World

Ladakh Swells with Pride with Construction of Highest Motorable Road in the World
Last Updated: July 5, 2018

Another Reason to Pack Your Bag and Go!

Forget Khardung La, Ladakh has got for you another attraction to visit with the construction of highest motorable in the world. At the height of 5882 m/19300 ft, Border Road Organization (BRO), under their popular Himank Project claimed to have constructed an 86 km long road that connects Chisumle and Demchok Villages and crosses Umlingla Top. This road that is situated some 230 km from Leh City has broken the record of Khardung La (5359 m) and Marsimik La (5582 m) to become world’s highest motorable road. And, indeed as a traveller we are drooling over it and hoping in our hearts that it will be accessible to the public. World's Highest Motorable Road in Ladakh

And if that would be the case, keep your Diamox and woollen clothes ready! Because the dizzying height of the road did not even spare the construction workers, army personnel, and machines in use. According to the Chief Engineer, Project Himank, Brigadier D M Purvimath, construction at such height was filled with life-threatening challenges; many of them faced fatal health issues like memory loss and high blood pressure. The temperature in the summer here remain between -15 to -20℃ and in the winter season, the temperature reaches a freezing -40℃. But BRO being BRO took this challenge and accomplished this herculean task, for which, they deserve all our respect.

For those of you, who haven’t yet planned a trip to Ladakh, BRO is the responsible force behind smooth and well-connected roads in the region, their witty and boxing clever road signs are often flashed on social media and the high altitude roads built by them in Ladakh like Khardung La and Chang La are some of the most photographed and popular ones. Oh, did we tell you that this record-breaking motorable road is a stone’s throw away from the Indo-China Border? Interesting right.

Published: 03 Nov, 2017
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