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Kaziranga Shows a Rise in its Big Cat Count

Royal Bengal Tiger

According to the recent reports, there are 104 big cats counted in Kaziranga National Park and Bura Chapori all together. Around 95 adult tigers were recorded to be found in Kaziranga National Park, while two adult tigers and their cubs were spotted in Bura Chapori. Both the parks spread over an area of 860 sq km, comes within the domain of Kaziranga Tiger Reserve.

While in 2014, the count was around 83 Tigers, with the maximum range of 116. But this year, with an increase in one point in the range for the tiger population in Kaziranga, the Big wildcats density shooted up to 21 tigers per 100 sq km. Though it is only a steady rise in the tiger counts, it is suggestive as a result of a healthy and well-supplied tiger habitat.

Although, it can be a possibility of more tigers after a comprehensive study, which the forest department of the government of Assam is planning to undertake. Whereas, here the environment activist Rohit Choudhury showed its concern about the pervasive mining activities and intrusion along the corridors between Kaziranga and Karbi Anglong, that needs to be protected, as a step towards the tiger conservation.

Kaziranga, along with Manas, Orang and Nameri; are the four tiger reserves in Assam. As per the last month’s estimate, there found 30 tigers in the World Heritage site – Manas. And with a record of having the highest tiger density in the country of 35.44 tigers per 100 sq. km, Orang has 28 tigers flourishing in its territory. While, the latest tiger estimate of Nameri is yet to arrive.

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Published: 16 Jun, 2017
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