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Bollywood and International Film Industry Eyeing Assam for Shooting Location

Bollywood and International Film Industry Eyeing Assam for Shooting Location
Last Updated: July 27, 2018

First, it was Priyanka Chopra and now the producers from London UK Films who have willingly taken the responsibility of showcasing the rich culture and heritage of Assam. We all remember watching the you-blink-you-miss Assam Tourism commercial that featured Priyanka Chopra looking as elegant as this Northeastern state itself. Well now, a duo of Bollywood film actor and director and an international film production banner aspire to make a full-fledged commercial movie in Assam called Nange Pair.The members of London UK Films, Eric Ollerenshaw Obe and John Rowe and the film’s director Sachin Karande and actor Rajdeep Choudhury are in Assam for finalizing the location of the film. And no they haven’t selected the popular Guwahati city or Kaziranga National Park but the lesser known yet sublime Barak Valley which only two years ago got its broad gauge rail line connecting it with mainstream destinations like Guwahati. This choice for the film shooting location beckons an authentic representation of Assam and its rich culture and traditions. The film is being said as the ‘dream project’ of Obe and Rowe who have already paid multiple visits to Assam since 2012.

On the other hand, actor Rajdeep Choudhury who is to star in the movie is said to hail from Silchar itself, which we hope will give this motion film something more to look forward to. Director Karande who has taken the responsibility of directing the film has a few good Bollywood movies in his bag Payback, Vikalp and Jack and Dil (which will be out soon). He has also directed a short film, Wych Barton, produced by London UK Films. According to Actor, Choudhury, all four of them have already visited several tea gardens and places like Mahasadak (East-West corridor) and Khaspur and now they are scouting for locations near Silchar Medical College and Hospital, National Institute of Technology, Assam University, and Haflong and a few others. A feature film like this beckons of a better opportunity for Assam tourism to grab the attention of more travellers who are willing to visit Northeast India but unsure what to expect. Indeed, there are fair chances for the prosperity of state’s tourism and spreading of its culture and heritage around the globe.

Published: 08 Feb, 2018
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