Hike In Big Cat Count Attracts Tourists To Panna Tiger Reserve

Madhya Pradesh Tiger Population Increased

A plethora of tourists visiting Panna Tiger Reserve allured by the rise in the population of tigers. There has been a notable positive difference in the footfall at Panna National Park during this tourism year, that ended on June 30. During the previous year, 38,000 tourists including 10,000 foreigners visited Panna, while this year, the record shows a boost in the figures i.e 28,079 Indian and 10,466 foreigner visitors altogether. The main reason behind such an incredible climb, has been the population increase of the Tigers, plus the increasing tourists facilities as well.

A study conducted by Wildlife Institute of India, earlier in 2009, presented a scary situation of no tiger residing in Panna as most of them had fallen victim to poaching. After which, Madhya Pradesh government had started a programme under which tigers from other reserves were translocated to Panna. Over the years, a steady growth in the big cat population has been witnessed, which has now reached up to 35 as per the recent survey, bringing delight to the wildlife tourists, who are now approaching to explore this best of the National Parks in Madhya Pradesh. Though, considering the beginning of the rainy season, the entry of tourists to the main reserve has been prohibited from June 30.

Recently, a mobile video taken by the motorists driving on Panna-Katni highway of a Tigress and her two cubs sauntering out of the PTR’s core area, went viral on July 5, that instantly turned them into social media stars.

It is a matter of great pride for the Madhya Pradesh Tourism, that an International tourism website has chosen Panna Tiger Reserve for the Award for Excellence for 2017 for the second year in a row.

Published: 14 Jul, 2017
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