Harsil in Uttarkashi Opens its Wide Door For Foreigners

Harshil Valley in Uttarkashi

Witnessing the major tourist footfalls in the Uttarkashi district of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand, the Union Government has released the ban put on the entry of foreigners in Harsil, following the Indo-China War of 1962. The foreign tourists can now explore the picturesque beauty of Harsil surrounded by dense deodar forests, at an altitude of around 2620 meters.

District Magistrate, Uttarkashi, Ashish Shrivastava informed about the immediate orders received from the Union Government to open Harsil to foreign tourists. The beautiful town of Harsil residing 25 km away from Uttarkashi, houses Indian Army units, which was the reason for the strict rules on the entry to Harsil, regulated through inner line permits given by the district administration.

It comes as a delightful news to the tour operators, adventure sports enthusiasts and hoteliers who were seeking for the removal of the ban. For past many years, similar demands are being made for Nelong valley of Uttarkashi district which is situated close to the China border, where the entry of non-Indians is banned since 1962. Previously, the ban had been put on the civilians including the Indians, as the Indian Army had established their base at Nelong Valley. Even the locals from Jaduhn and other villages of Nelong valley had been relocated to Dunda and its nearby places in Uttarkashi. Later in 2015, The Union Government permitted the entry of Indians to Nelong Valley. Foreigners are also allowed here, but only for the day trips and in groups.

The Tourism Department predicts that this move by the Union Government would definitely attract the major foreign tourists from all over the world and boost our economy.

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Published: 10 Jul, 2017
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