Guaranteed Chadar Trek Fixed Departure Tour 2020

Guaranteed Chadar Trek Fixed Departure Tour 2020
Last Updated: November 27, 2019

Explore the Snowy Mountains of Ladakh Himalayas with Guaranteed Fixed Departure Chadar Trek 2020

Ladakh has always been the favorite haunt of the trekkers across the globe. It is full of trails that connect the remotest villages spread across the various ancient routes. And there’s no better way to absorb the beauty and cultural essence of the land than trekking through it. Going by the travel guides, there are countless treks in Ladakh that promise trekkers an opportunity to enjoy a rendezvous with different forms of nature. Amongst all these hiking expedition in ladakh, the most challenging, thrilling and exciting trek would be the Frozen River Chadar Trek. In a class by itself, Frozen River Chadar Trek allows adventurers to trudge through the frozen river, Zanskar, which turns into a thick sheet of ice (Chadar) during the winter season. The trail does have a historical connection as it was once the part of the Silk Route. The local people used to walk 90 miles in 11 days to Leh over the frozen river to trade their wares.

Chadar Trek Frozen River Trek

Utterly nerve-racking yet intoxicating, it is counted amongst the best winter treks in Indian Himalayas. The trekking expedition allows trekkers to escape to remote areas of Zanskar that are aloof of modernization; follow the old trade routes; peek into the culture of locals; pay a visit to holy Gompas and make eventful memories. It is a trek that every trekker in the world should take up.

Tour My India offers a lucrative fixed departure Frozen River Chadar Trek that will set forth from Leh and take trekkers through the small towns like Chilling, Zaribago, Deepyokma, Nyarakpulu, Lingshed, Tso Mopoaldar, and Tilatdo.

Short Itinerary for Frozen River Chadar Winter Fixed Departure Tour:

Fixed Departure Dates: 17 January, 24 January, 01 February 2020

  • Day 1 – Delhi – Leh
  • Day 2 – Leh – Shey Thiksey – Hemis
  • Day 3 – Leh – Chilling (3500 meters, 5 hours drive)
  • Day 4 – Chilling – Zaribago – 5 hours trekking
  • Day 5 – Zaribago – Deepyokma – 4 hours trekking
  • Day 6 – Deepyokma – Nyarakpulu (3390 meters) – 5 hours trekking
  • Day 7 – Nyarakpulu – Lingshed – 1-hour trekking
  • Day 8 – Lingshed
  • Day 9 – Lingshed – Nyarakpulu – 4-hour trekking
  • Day 10 – Nyarakpulu – Tso Mopoaldar – 4-hour trekking
  • Day 11 – Tso Mopoaldar – Tilatdo
  • Day 12 – Tilatdo – Chilling – Leh
  • Day 13 – Leh – Delhi

Can Anybody, Do It?

Frozen River Trek

Travellers says that Frozen River Chadar Trek is one of the “wildest trek” in the world, where temperatures often go to -30° at night and day -10° to -15° is normal. You will have to walk up to 5-6 hours a day on frozen river, and that too at an elevation of 3850 m. Before taking this trek, it is advisable that trekkers should fully understand the climatic condition that they will have to face ahead and prepare accordingly. A person should be acquainted to walking long distances and be prepared for challenging camping situations.

Have a Look at the Highlights of the Trek

  • Meeting and greeting humble and amiable Zanskari people, who will provide you an insight into the culture and tradition of Ladakhi life
  • Feel the thrill of walking along the actual frozen Zanskar river
  • Peek into the challenging lives of porters and nomads
  • Soothe your spiritual soul by visiting famous monasteries like Hemis, Thiksey Monastery, and Shanti Stupa
  • Behold the breath-taking view of frozen Nyarak Waterfalls and Zanskar Ranges
  • Spot rare Ladakhi animals like Snow leopard, Ibex, Himalayan Thar, and Blue Sheep moving freely in their natural environment

Is There any Checklist to Follow?

For Frozen River Chadar Trek, it’s important that you should come up with the following things:

  • Clothing – Track Pants, warm t-shirt, thick jacket, woollen/sports socks, hand gloves, and easy to dry towels
  • Cosmetics – Lip balm, cold cream and sunscreen lotion (SPF 40+)
  • Electronics – LED Torch with extra set of cells (head lamps preferable), Camera, Memory-cards, Batteries (Carry enough spare batteries), Portable Chargers, and Extension Cords
  • Medicines
  • Documents – Passport size photos, Fitness Certificate, Passport (for international travelers), and photo ID card
  • One should carry cash as the ATM’s are only available in Leh, which even remain jam-packed due to continuous rush

Sound great! But what would be the cost of the trip?

For any information regarding price, dates and other, please call +91-9212553109/9810352536 or send your query to

Note: In this tour, there are only 10 seats up for grab. So, don’t wait any further, snatch away this one of its kind adventure that will stick in your memory forever and ever. It just can’t get better than this.

Published: 19 Nov, 2016
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