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Female Sloth Bear’s Fight with a Tiger in Tadoba Tells So Much About Motherhood

fight between sloth bear and tiger

A recently viral footage of a female sloth bear fighting with a Royal Bengal Tiger just made us realize the power of motherhood. The video that came from India’s popular national park, Tadoba showed a 15-minute brawl between the two large animals who encountered each other near a waterhole in the reserve. The female sloth bear arrived with her cub at a waterhole where a territorial tiger was cooling off, what followed was a rare sight that Akshay Kumar, a naturalist leading a safari tour was able to capture in his camera.

The tiger at the sight of these intruders attacked the mother who in return gave a tough fight. In the video, the tiger is seen trying to who can be seen trying to get a grip on the bear through her thick fur but she fought back in order to protect her young cub from a roaring tiger. The fight lasted for 15 minutes and both animals suffered injuries. The reason for such a conflict is said to be the scarcity of water in the national park during the summer time but according to Akshay, the mother bear only fought due to her maternal instincts.

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Published: 05 Mar, 2018
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