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Eurasian Otter Spotted in Kanha National Park

Lutra Wild Species
Kanha National Park is known for its biodiversity in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Home to a large number of wildlife species, Kanha has been able to attract a lot of wildlife lovers and tourists. The park now a days is rejoicing with the spotting of a rare species. Recently, in one of the footages of the camera trap installed in the park, a rare species of Eurasian Otter was sighted. Click here to read more about this national park.

Belonging to the mongoose family, this Otter species has scientfic name as Lutra. The forest official have begun their task of tracing more members of this species in the park. According to park authority, the camera trap in which the footage was recorded is situated in Banda Beat of the Bhaisanghat Range. Spotting of this rare species is being considered as an important development in the biodiversity of the park.

Lutra is a semiaquatic species that prefers shallow, narrow areas of streams surrounded by mature trees and rocks. Its staple diet includes fish but they also relish birds (mainly anserine species), small rodents, and invertebrates such as water beetles, snails, and crayfish. Eurasian Otters are found in Himalayan Region and southern part of India. They have dark brown colour and have a sleek and elongated body; the life expectancy of this species is between 4 and 10 years.

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First Published on: 09 Sep, 2016
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