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Coorg Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos

Coorg Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos
Last Updated: September 9, 2019

I am delighted to share my travel experience of Coorg with you all..!! It greeted me with natural splendor and salubrious climate that gave me inner peace. It holds a unique place among the popular hill stations in India. Perched in the middle of the verdant beauty of the Western Ghats, it tenders matchless comfortable holiday time to its visitors. The world knows it as the Scotland of India and it is also famous as coffee hub of India. Its majestic beauty and pleasant ambience at an elevation of 3,500 ft made an immediate impression on me.

To express the exquisiteness of Coorg, I will be starting the tour with one of the most famous tourist places and that is Talakaveri, which is a sacred place for Hindus. There is a holy tank where devotees take a bath on special days. Just 3 miles from Talakveri, there is a place called Bhagamandala, where the three rivers Sujyoti, Kanake and Kaveri meet. There are many shrines close by which are located in beautiful setting in the lap of Mother Nature.

Let’s catch a glimpse of Talakaveri in this below-mentioned video by Elaya Raja

Let’s head to one of the main producers of coffee in India. A variety of organic coffee tempted me to purchase the packet of Coffee Robusta. Apart from it, Coorg is famous for organic spices like mint, bay leaves, rosemary, cumin, oregano and pepper which are found in abundance. I also packed some dry fruits like figs, cashews and raisins.

Shed some light on below-mentioned video of coffee and spice chronicles by Nawa Tejaswee Moola

[Video on coffee and spice]

In contrast to the exotic aroma of spices the unique culture of the Kodava, one of the indigenous tribes of India, marks a distinct part of your trip to Coorg. No doubt even being one of the popular tourist destinations in and around Bangalore, which reflects a techie culture… Coorg is a clamour of the unique Kodava language, culture and festival.  The main festival of Kodava is Puthari (rice harvest festival) celebrated in the end of November or early December. Special dishes like puttari Paayasa, thambuttu, holige and kodambuttu are cooked during this fest.

Watch this great video shot by ABC on Kodava people

Ah! What a lovely culinary morning. Just try out Bamboo shoot curry, slurpy!!! You will find mostly at every eating joint of Coorg. This simple yet yummy dish will satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more..!! I had it in the rainy season as bamboo grows during that period only. And one must not miss it out when holidaying in Coorg especially during the rainy season. You know guys? That Coorg is one of the best places to visit in India during the monsoon… Anyways let us not get off the topic and watch an amazing video on how to cook Bamboo shoot curry shot by XYZ.

Preparation of Bamboo shoot curry

Now I need to meet my thirst. So if wine is your taste, then pair it up with above mentioned dish to soothe the throat and render an ultimate taste like never had. These homemade drinks are being served at various weddings where beautiful girls walk around and pour a refreshing drink into your glasses. Another dish that made me lick my fingers is Pork Curry, locally known as Pandhi Curry. And almost every celebration of Coorg is incomplete without a pork dish. This delicious dish is had with Rice Roti or Rice Dumplings. Some species like Kachampuli, birds eye chilli, pepper and Cardomom are added in this dish to add a good taste to Pork Curry.

Let’s check out this video on Pork Curry as shot by istreamkairali.

[Video on Pandhi curry/Pork curry

I stayed at the Heritage Resort which is one of the luxury resorts in Coorg and also known for its friendly hospitality, scrumptious cuisine and world class facilities. The visitors are pampered with exotic cuisine to satisfy their craving. What a stay it was…if i get a chance to travel to Coorg,then will certainly book my stay at this resort tendering more than one could imagine.

Let us take a tour of the Heritage Resort from the below video

[Video on Heritage Resort Coorg]

Sparkling yet lively, Kalipodh is one of the main festivals in South India that is celebrated in the end of padding sowing with great enthusiasm and fervor. On this occasion, a wide array of games is taken place in the fields. It also shows the day that men must plan to save their crop from the wild animals. Coorg brings you yummy cuisines on this special day like fish, pork, chicken and so on.

Here is a video of Kalipodh festival made by Onecoorg

On my tour to Coorg, I found this Kaveri Shankarmana festival to be among the most prominent festivals in Karnataka held in mid-october at Talakaveri.  Folks from all across the India gather at this site to take a dip in the sacred water. This water reaches every house all through the Coorg. A spoonful of it is given to the dying as there is a belief that it will help them get emancipation. Another festival that is celebrated during end of November is Puttari. On this day, the people gather at Ain mane, which is the common family house, adorned with flowers, mango and banana leaves. There are scores of cuisines prepared on this day like holige, thambuttu, puttari paayasa and kadaumbuttu that will win your hearts and leave you wanting more. The eldest member of the family starts this festival by giving the sickle to the head of the family and one of the ladies leads a parade into field while holding a lamp in her hands. If you want to know more about the festival, then click on the video given below Not only this, the history of Coorg played a great role in catching my eyes… starting with Raja Seat which is one of the major tourist destinations in Madikeri of Coorg District. It is indeed a superb place for nature lovers, photo fanatics and history freaks. I relished a lot here, so you will…!!Encountering a spectacular sight of the mist covered hills with lush greenery, this experience is what you are going to treasure for lifelong.

Here is a video of Raja seat in Coorg made by Bahuleyakumar K

[Video on Raja Seat]

Let me make you familiar with another historical attraction in Coorg… the Madikeri Fort that makes Coorg a perfect place to plan a trip. It was established during the second half of the 17th century by Mudduraja and reconstructed by Tipu Sultan with stone and secret underground passages. Thereafter it came under the control of Doddavira Rajendra in the year 1790.  Today, it is a museum which showcases various historical artifacts. One such highlight that endows the tourist’s eye with its extravagant structural design and spirituality is the Omkareshwar Temple. The main shrine playing a great role in superb architectural display in Coorg, Omkareshwar Temple is positioned about 1 km from Madikeri, the capital of Coorg. It is an impeccable blend of Gothic and Islamic style of structural design.  The walls of shrine are adorned with intriguing paintings of Raghvendra swamy and Sai Baba.

Here is the sight for you of Omkareshwar temple in a video shot by XYZ

[Video on Omkareshwar Temple]

You will glad to know that there is plethora of attractions to experience in and around Pushpagiri Hills. I have had a fun of my life, so it’s your turn to steep your senses in the picturesque beauty of Coorg.

Let’s take a glimpse of Pushpagiri hills in the below video taken by Karthik A D

[Video on Pushpagiri Hills]

When you have travelled this far, don’t miss out on exploring the wilderness of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in India that is nestled in Somwarpet Taluk.  It is an ideal place for bird lovers, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Some of the creatures I spotted and caught on my camera are Wild Dog, Sambhar, Brown Palm Civet, Indian Muntjac and giant flying squirrel.

A fascinating video of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary shot by India video dot org

[Video on Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary]

If you are looking for something antique that dilates the erstwhile kingdom of Kodagu… then don’t forget to visit this beautiful temple called Padi Lgguthappa Shrine, constructed by Linga Rajendra in the year 1810. An annual festival takes place here during the month of March with full devotion and gusto.

Let’s have a tour of this place from the below video taken by SSM Temples

[Video on Padi Lgguthappa shrine]

Now have an insight into the charm of Veerabhoomi Village, enveloped by emerald beauty, is a perfect to plan a stay. The main attraction of this place is the cultural performances which engaged the guests and children on their tour to Coorg. You can also spend some time alone in a garden area or head for a superb trekking experience around the hillocks to add a spice to your vacation.

Here is a video of Veerabhoomi Tourist Village made by ABC

[Video on Veerbhoomi Village]

Experience the thrills and spills of Barapole rafting like I did on the tour to Coorg. A crystal clear river, scenic beauty and enchanting setting make for a perfect white water experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. I must say that the goosebumps I got from this place will also make you feel awesome from inside. Embark on this rafting expedition, which is one of the popular rafting destinations in India,  to experience the ecstasy of water sports.

Watch this mesmerizing video of Barapole Rafting shot by Samayak Chatterjee

[Video on Barapole Rafting]

Arghhhh… I am fed up of writing too much now so I need a break and wheel to my next attraction that is connected to history!!! It is a historical structure which is famous amongst the history buffs. Gaddige is Indo-scenic style of structural design and you can explore scores of other tombs of renowned historical personalities also. This beautiful attraction is positioned just 1 km from Madikeri.

Have a glimpse of Gaddige at the given below video made by ACV Channel

[Video on Gaddige]

Moving on to another highlight of this place and that is Nissargadhama Forest. Situated 3 km from Kushalnagar enroute to Madikeri, it is where you can spot a wide of wildlife species like elephants, deer and many more. You can relish elephant rides, boating apart from watch catching a glimpse of Nisargadhama’s natural exquisiteness.

Check this video shot by Indiavideodotorg

[Video on Nissargadhama Forest]

My trip to Baghmandala Temple was a real success. It is located at the confluence of two rivers-the Kaveri and the Kanika. The temple was erected in Kerala style and has smaller shrines devoted to different gods and goddesses. You can also visit a famous shrine called Sri Bhagandeshwara shrine, where the idols of Ganpati, Bhagandeshwara and Subramanya are installed.

Watch this video made by Abg01

[Video on Baghmandala Temple]

Does anyone want to experience the scenic vista of nature on the trip to Coorg? If you are nodding in a yes, then visit Mallali Falls at an elevation of 1027m in the Western Ghats of Somwarpet Taluk. It is perfect for an adventure trip in the month of September and during that time the rain making the cascade flow nicely.

Let’s take a glimpse of this video shot by Sivaraj Mathi

[Video on Mallali Fall]

If I hadn’t visited this breathtaking waterfall known as Abbey falls, my trip would’ve been incomplete. I would recommend everyone to pay a visit here on their tour. It is situated amid spice and coffee estates close by Madikeri in Coorg district. These waterfalls are most inspiring especially during the monsoon season. Here is a clip for you which will offer you superb sight of abbey falls.

Shot by Shivraj Mathi

[Video on Abbey Falls]

All in all, it was a good experience, but how can i miss this beautiful attraction called Irruppu falls which is nestled just 20 miles from Vurajpet and can be visited enroute to Nagarhole, which is another famous destination and i will shed some light on it after this. It is indeed a visual delight. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season.

Watch this gorgeous video shot by Supradipta Sen while relishing the falls

[Video on Irruppu Falls]

All the tourists are supposed to travel to Bylakkupe during their journey to Coorg. It is an abode to various Tibetans settlements and beautiful monasteries making it a superb site for Buddhism in South India. It can be visited any time of the year and is 20 miles away from Mysore close by Kushalnagar.

Let us watch this video shot by S Chandra

[Video on Bylakkupe Monastery]

From history, temples, food, culture to wildlife, Coorg leaves no stone unrolled. Still I have one more attraction for you that you must visit on your tour to coorg- “Nagarhole National Park”. This destination beckons tourists from distant parts of the world to witness nature and wildlife. It was established in 1955 and is one of the best managed national parks in India. Some of the animals that can be found here are spotted deer, flying fox, panther, bonnet macaque and various species of birds and lizards. I would like to end this blog with this beautiful video of Nagarhole National Park shot by Easy tours of India.

Nagarhole National Park shot by Easy tours of India

[Video on Nagarhole National Park]

Though you can visit this place throughout the year, the time it remains packed with the travelers is from July to February.

Published: 20 Jun, 2014
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