Bookings For Chardham Yatra 2017 Have Started

Uttarakhand Chardham Yatra

The booking for the Uttarakhand’s famous Char Dham Yatra for the year 2017 has finally begun. In the year 2016, approximately 13.59 Lakh pilgrims attended the yatra, which is 70% more than the 2016’s statistics of 7.96 Lakh people. According to Uttarkashi Hotel Association President, Ajay Puri, the seasons picked up the pace immediately after the portals of four Hindu shrines were thrown open for the pilgrims. After that, it maintained the pace, so this year we have witnessed an impressive growth.

Moreover, the main reason behind the increase in footfall is chopper facility. One dozen odd aviation companies played a key role in making the tour of the visitors comfortable in Kedarnath. Rather taking a 22-kilometer long trekking or opting for mule/palanquin, pilgrims are considering chopper facility.

The opening dates of Chardham Yatra are out and you can experience this holistic journey by taking this Chardham Yatra tour. The following Yamunotri Temple and Gangotri Temple will be opened from 28th April, 2017. Kedarnath Temple and Badrinath Temple will be opened from the 03rd May and 06th May of 2017 respectively.

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First Published on: 06 Dec, 2016
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