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Blue Mormon As Maharashtra State Butterfly

Blue Mormon Butterfly
Here comes a good news for the people of Maharashtra and for the nature lovers all across the region. As per a meeting held in Mumbai by the State Wildlife Board, the beautiful creature ‘Blue Mormon’ (Butterfly), which is commonly visible in the lake city in Thane, Maharashtra, has been declared the ‘state butterfly’. This is a rare incident as no state till now has a ‘state butterfly’, so, with this move the Maharashtra has become the first state in the country to have a ‘state butterfly’.

Since the butterfly is widely seen in the Thane region, the people here are happy with the news. Blue Mormon is a beautiful butterfly, which is rare to spot in different parts of the country. This large swallowtail creature is found in Sri Lanka and India, mainly in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, South India, and coastal belts. Sometimes, it is spotted in the Maharashtrian mainland between Vidarbha and Western Maharashtra.

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Explaining about the striking butterfly in detail, Rajendra Ovalekar, who owns the Ovalekar Butterfly Garden in Thane, said, “Months between September to December are ideal to spot the Blue Mormon, because it rains heavily during this season, especially in the hilly areas. He further explained, “The butterfly usually breed at the ground level and around three generations remain at the ground level, except the fourth generation, which manages to survive and fly back to the hilly areas post monsoon.”

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Blue Mormon is reportedly the second largest butterfly in India and is definitely one of the most stunning creatures, the nature has produced. As per a statement issued by the State Forest Department, this butterfly fascinates a lot of nature lovers, who visit the Western Ghats in Maharashtra to spot this elegant butterfly. The state of Maharashtra has around 225 varieties of butterflies and house about 15 percent of their total population in the country.

The government of Maharashtra feels that the butterfly species are one of the most neglected, and so, they are happy to declare Blue Mormon as their state butterfly.

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Published: 11 Aug, 2015
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