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Bhopal Tourist Attractions- Best Travel Videos

Bhopal Tourist Attractions- Best Travel Videos
Last Updated: July 24, 2018

One fine day this week, a colleague of mine told me that his cousin is coming from Bhopal who always discusses a hell lot of things about the attractive tourist destinations there and fries my mind! This made me plunge into the cabriole of memories that reminded me of the trip to this land. I must say that I would espouse with his cousin. Bhopal has ample of attractions to attract a tourist.

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, blends picturesque exquisiteness, historicity and contemporary urban planning. Bhopal renders a comprehensive contour; the old city, with its astounding edifices, still bears the aristocratic indentation of its past rulers. Likewise imposing is the new city with its lush, elegantly laid out parks, beautiful streets and streamlined modern construction.

I am feeling great pride listing the major places in Bhopal where you can visit to enjoy an unforgettable tour. Let’s commence this virtual trip by taking a tour of one of the most enticing feature of this city- The Rope Way. It is a pathway used to reach the Jain Temple in Manubhan Takeri. The fascinating view of Bhopal city is a sight to behold from the rope way.

The excitement of having a journey on this rope way can be witnessed by watching the below video shot by Vishal Earnest Singh.

[ Video on Rope Way in Bhopal ]

From here, lemme turn your attention towards the emblems of spirituality in Bhopal. Be it Hindus or Muslims, Bhopal embraces the significant pilgrimage sites for both. Laxmi Narayan Temple, also known as Birla Temple, is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Laxmi. Other than Goddess Laxmi, this temple also includes the idols of Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati. It is one of the major Hindu Temples in India.

One of the largest mosques of Asia, Taj Ul Masjid is a beautiful pilgrimage center with a spellbinding structure. This sprawling mosque proffers imposing vistas and is crowned with two gigantic minarets with white domes. It was constructed by Shah Jehan Begum but was completed after her demise.

Let’s have a look at this mosque through the lenses of HimanshuShivas.

[ Video on TajUl Masjid ]

The road from the railway station goes from the Chota Talaab (Lower Lake). If you fly in here, you can to Bada Talaab (Great Lake), which is also renowned as Upper Lake that spans to thirty one kilometers. This lake offers a panoramic view to the tourists. The Upper Lake is separated from the Lower Lake by an over-bridge and spread over six square kilometers of land. The Boat Club of Madhya Pradesh Tourism provides exhilarating cruise, paddle, sail, motor boats and paddle through the Upper Lake.

Here is the video on Upper Lake by Abhishek Singh.

[ Video on Upper Lake ]

Bhopal tourist destinations include some of the great architectural designs. One such place is Rani Mahal. It has a mango tree at one corner. This courtyard is enclosed by edifices on elevated plinths, a few of them with carved arches. This imposing building is a blend of Malwa, Rajput and Mughal styles. Gohar Mahal is also a great example of primordial structural brilliance. It was built in 1920 and highlights the arresting architecture  of Mughals and Hindus.

Click on the video given below shot by TheBhopallive’s channel to have a look of this beautiful palace.

[ Video on Gohar Mahal ]

Want to explore some more architectural? Yes! Bhopal can render you more. One of the architectural marvels, Shaukat Mahal marks a fine merger of European and Indo-Islamic styles of structural design.

Sadar manzil is another such architectural wonder encompassing palaces and dexterously decorated gardens and parks. Both occidental and oriental traditions of architecture are quite apparent from Sadar Manzil.

Here is the Bhopal Best Travel Video on Sadar Manzil from the camera of TheBhopallive’s channel.

[ Video on Sadar Manzil ]

Elements of Muslim and Hindu cultural blending can be observed in the cuisine of Bhopal. The cuisine of Bhopal embraces some yummy vegetarian dishes but the key aspect of Bhopal cuisine is its wonderful meat delicacies. All the credit goes to the long Muslim reign in the area; Cuisine of this land has been bestowed with an assortment of highly spiced meat dishes.

The most genuine form can be best savored at the inner Chowks of Bhopal, which are creased with shops proffering the scrumtious kebabs and curries. The preeminent example I found of mouthwatering Bhopal Cuisine was in the Chatori Gulli here. Here is the video of the famous Kamar Bhai Mutton Paya soup in Bhopal.

This video is shot by sangeetaangelakumar.

[ Video on Kamar Bhai Mutton Paya Soup ]

Bhopal is famous among globetrotters for its museums. Archeological Museum is one such place. This museum is a splendid building. It includes an enticing collection of primeval items. It displays a collection of paintings, sculptures, coins, tribal handicrafts, excavated artifacts, figurines and musical instruments.

You may also turn your head towards State Museum. This museum includes 16 distinct themed galleries that display sculptural masterpieces, ancient articles, epigraphs, excavated objects, paintings, manuscripts, coins and many more such primordial wonders. If you love to explore tribal villages then you may head to Tribal Habitat Museum that highlights typical abodes in tribal villages.

In the same way, a great collection of ancient wonders is there in the National Museum for Mankind as well. The National Museum for Mankind is an anthropology museum. This museum presents an integrated story of human evolution with unique reference to India. This museum is also known as Indira Gandhi National Museum.

Here is a video of this museum captured by madavishouse.

[ Video on National Museum for Mankind ]

After visiting these wonderful museums, it’s time to visit an area thriving with exotic wildlife. Van Vihar National Park is one such area that will leave you spellbound  with its assorted list of rare wildlife species. It is located in the heart of Bhopal and encompasses animal species such as Albino Sloth Bear, Cheetal, White Tiger, Hare, Black Buck Nilgai, etc. The avifauna species present here consist of Wagtails, Peacocks, Barlets, Munias, BhuraTeetar, Orioles, KaalaTeetar, Phakta, Kingfisher and migratory birds like Drongo and Tree Pie. These wildlife species will make your Indian wildlife tour worth memorable.

Let’s have a close look at this arresting national park through the below video captured by Joseph Raj.

[ Video on Van Vihar National Park ]

I know your veins must be feeling the rush to discover more. For witnessing the scenic beauty of this place, you can visit the dams in Bhopal. Kolar Dam, located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Bhopal, is a great place to enjoy the prevailing scenic beauty. It is in Sehore District and fulfills the irrigation needs of Bhopal and nearby areas. You can also visit Kerwa Dam positioned at a distance of 15 kilometers from the city. This striking spot has one kilometer of walking area sheeted with trees on both sides. Let’s watch the video on Kerwa Dam shot by Tarun Gupta.

In this video Kerwa Dam is shown beautifully through a television program Suhaana Safar SuhaaniKhabar.

[ Video on Kerwa Dam ]

The flair for festivals is amazing in Bhopal. For satiating you celebratory mood, Bhopal offers Lokrang festival every year on Republic Day. Lokrang is completely based upon the prosperous folk tradition of this place.

To have a close look at this festival, watch this video shot by abhishekasthana4.

[ Video on Lokrang Festival Bhopal ]

No travel experience is worth cherishing if the accommodation is not comfy. There is an assorted list of hotels in Bhopal, where you can enjoy a laid-back stay. When I was in Bhopal, I checked in at Hotel Nisarga. This hotel provides well-appointed rooms and all the deluxe services required to make your stay relaxing and pleasant.

Here is a video of this excellent hotel, shot by a official.

[ Video on Hotel Nisarga ]

This is not all! You can extend your trip to Sanchi located at a distance of 45 kilometers from Bhopal, in order to witness the intriguing architecture of ancient age. The Stupas of Sanchi are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A railing with four doorways, one at each direction, encircles the Sanchi Stupa. The interesting fact about the Sanchi Stupa is that there is no image of Lord Buddha (to whom the Stupa is dedicated). Lord Buddha is emblematically represented through thrones, wheels, footprints, etc.

Let’s watch this video on Sanchi Stupas shot by Benoy Behl.

[ Video on Sanchi Stupas ]

The attractions in and around Bhopal will drench you with paramount pleasure. The destination with which I will wind up my blog is no less entrancing than the above mentioned. It is the Bhimbetka Caves located about 45 kilometers from Bhopal. This site is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These caves embrace over 700 rock shelters with numerous early man objects such as cleavers, handaxes and pebble tools.

Not putting more mind on text let’s watch the video on Bhimbetka caves, captured through the camera of NDTV.

[ Video on Bhimbetka Caves ]

The Bhopal Best Travel Videos must have persuaded you to embark on a tour here. As far as my personal experience is concerned, I enjoyed a lot during my trip. I am certain that you will feel the same!

Published: 02 Jul, 2014
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