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Best Videos on Beaches in Andaman

Best Videos on Beaches in Andaman
Last Updated: July 23, 2018

We all have one common fantasy. Some have savored it, while some have yet to experience the same. And that fantasy is walking along the coastline, watching the sun slowly going down to sleep and birds returning to their nests. Your imagination might also have added the sound of chirpy waves and the cool breeze that often brings mirth to your soul. Those fragments of your imagination often come true at Andaman that is brimming with beaches – the backbone of Andaman tourism. Have a look at this interesting video (by WildFilmsIndia) of the beaches in Andaman:

[Video of Andaman Beaches]

The small yet charming… the Corbyn’s Cove Beach, bordered by swaying palm trees, is an ideal location for all those looking to relax in a laid-back ambiance. It is just 7-8 km from Port Blair and is counted among the busiest beaches in the Andaman. The beach offers many entertainment options in the form of boat rides, swimming and water scooters. The drive from the town to this beach is a true delight to eyes as you will get to see Marina Park and the appealing blue coastline all along the way. Get a glimpse of Corbyn’s Cove Beach in this video by Pasand Movie (fictitious name):

[Video of Corbyn’s Cove Beach]

The Radhnagar Beach takes visitors by surprise by presenting a wonderful blend of serenity, neat surroundings and marvelous views of the horizon. Do you know it was named “Best Beach in Asia” in 2004 by Time Magazine? Though you can visit this beach anytime of the day, but evening holds a special surprise for you and that is the ‘mesmeric vista of sunset’. Watch this video of Radhnagar Beach (by Subrata Chakraborty) and know why it is worth paying a visit during your Andaman trip:

[Video on Radhnagar Beach]

One of the finest places to indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling is at the North Bay Beach. These activities will introduce you to marine life of the region and will make for two of your best under-water experiences till date.  There are small shacks where you can pacify your taste buds and spend a casual time with your near & dear ones.

Ever seen a beach populated by small and big turtles? If no, then Kalipuar Beach is a must visit. The beach is famed for turtle nesting, especially of Olive Ridley Turtles; though you can’t visit this place when nesting is being done. Those interested are allowed to visit in the period before and after turtle nesting. Enjoy this video of baby turtles (by Matt Duffey) being released at Kalipur Beach:

[Video of Turtles at Kalipur Beach]

Another destination for coral viewing is the Wandoor Beach that rests about 25 km from the west of Port Blair. You can also enjoy swimming here to make the most of your visit to this beach. Close to this natural marvel is the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, where one can sight different species of flora and fauna.

On the other hand… the least explored, Munda Pahar Beach, around 1 km from Chidiya Tapu, offers a nice setting to swim. You can also take pleasure in building mud castles or strolling carefree in this secluded place.

Though Goa is popular as the ‘beach destination of India’ you can strongly consider Andaman if you want to add the ingredients of tranquility and nature to your vacationing experience.

Published: 01 Jul, 2014
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