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Best Travel Videos on Andaman Tourism

Best Travel Videos on Andaman Tourism
Last Updated: July 24, 2018

With clear blue water and mind-soothing serenity being the two most recognized characteristics, Andaman has stolen a march over other popular holiday destinations in India. The place offers cinemascopic views of marvelous horizons, splendid landscapes, and cheerful waves that make their way to you every now and then.

Have a look at this video (by istreamkairali – a fictitious name), giving a glimpse of the tourism opportunities that you can seize in Andaman:

[Video on Andaman Tourism]

It is all together a different experience spending days amid the calm atmosphere and enjoying the laid-back ambiance while marveling at the creations of nature. No place offers such satisfaction that Andaman offers and that is why this destination is loved by people from all walks of life. With forests covering more than 80% of the area, Andaman looks like the most pampered child of Mother Nature. These forests are home to many species of plants, and animals can be frequently sighted roaming freely in their natural abode. This wondrous land of flora and fauna also houses local tribes with Great Andamanese, Jangil, Jarawa, Onge and Sentinelese being the prominent ones. They have been living here for ages, and can acquaint you with their culture & traditions and the history whose authenticity can only be confirmed by them. Watch this amazing video of Jarawa Tribes (by WildFilmsIndia) who are happy to meet outsiders:

[Video of Jarawa Tribe Meeting Outsiders]

In addition to spending invaluable time with the tribes, you can explore the Cellular Jail (earlier known as Kala Pani) that was used by the British to detain Indian protestors. Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar, among other dissidents, were kept here. Today, the jail is a famous national monument that is visited by thousands of people to peek into the history of Indian Independence and experience the torturous activities that prisoners had to endure. Here is an amazing video (by Partha Dan), showcasing the architecture and interiors of Cellular Jail:

[Video/ Documentary of Cellular Jail in Andaman]

Other notable attractions in Andaman are Anthropological Museum, Limestone Cave, Science Center, Live Volcano Island, Forest Museum, Samudrika and Forest Museum. And if you want to soak up the views of clear blue water while strolling by the sea, head towards Corbyn’s Cove Beach where you can also sip in your favorite drink in any of the on-site restaurants or sight Japanese bunkers and other remnants from the days of yore. There is a Snake Island close to this beach, which puts forth a nice setting to indulge in Scuba Diving. This thrilling underwater activity will introduce you to the exotic marine life of the region, making for a lifetime experience to share & cherish. Some other outdoor activities that you can relish during your Andaman tour are Snorkeling, Body Surfing, Swimming and Camping. Check out this interesting video (by Cameron Hansen) of a daring scuba diver in the deep blue water of Andaman:

[Video of Scuba Diving in Andaman]

Whether you are going on a leisure, an adventure or a cultural trip, it is of prime importance to find a suitable resort as without appropriate accommodation you would not be able to make the most of your stay. Search online for the type of resort that matches your lodging needs and don’t forget to read reviews about the level of hospitality a particular hotel renders and hygiene it maintains.

Published: 27 Jun, 2014
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