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25 Songs That Will Make Your Next Trip More Adventurous and Fun

25 Songs That Will Make Your Next Trip More Adventurous and Fun
Last Updated: October 15, 2018

Travelling is a step to exploring oneself and discovering what lies beneath the surface. Each one of us travel in some way and one important ingredient for an experience of a lifetime is perfect travel music. You need a playlist that is in sync with what you are feeling. The music should resonate with your own personal battles and the list of 25 songs for travel playlist is all about making you feel at peace with yourself. The playlist is a collection of songs that celebrate the spirit of travelling. So, before you pack your bag and embark upon your next journey, make sure you have these songs on your playlist, for an amazing journey ahead.

Highway To Hell

No trip is ever complete without Highway to Hell. Be it head-spinning Himalayan roads or vast openness of plains, the song by AC/DC will pump up your adrenaline. The song that made the band chart-toppers, is till date the road trip anthem all across the globe.

Yuhin Chala Chal Rahi

During my last year road trip to Spiti, this song kept me motivated to push further. The powerful voice of Kailash Kher is the dose of encouragement you need during long trips. The song motivates you to keep moving and whatever obstacles might come your way, you’ll always come out on top of them.

Hairat Hai

One of the best trip songs, Hairat Hai motivates us to travel further. The song is the road trip anthem for many, because of its catchy tunes, Lucky Ali’s voice and Rock music. Listen to this song while you cruise on a highway with your significant other.

Dil Chahta Hai

The movie which inspired many to travel and was probably the first modern-day Bollywood movie to talk about self-discovery while travelling. The title track is evergreen and no road trip with friends is ever complete without grooving to this song in your car.

Kar Har Maidan Fateh

The latest song from the movie Sanju is the right dosage of Adrenaline for you. The meaning of the song means to conquer every battle. This song will definitely push you to finish the trek, which at the present moment might seem impossible.

Hotel California

The song is about a journey across California, produced and performed by Eagles in 1976. The song is about the romance of travelling and the story that follows. This classic will be a perfect companion as you drive across the countryside.

The Best of Times

“To travel is to take a journey into oneself”, travelling is a special emotion. Everyone savours it like their most precious memory of the best times of their lives. The famous song by Dream Theater is a nostalgic trip to the best of times of your life. Perfect choice for a trip playlist, listen to this to reminisce the journey of your first travel.

Leaving on A Jet Planes

No song captures the agony of travelling better than this song. The song is about the personal perils of musicians on a constant travel schedule. The song is a travel gospel and a must have on every travel playlist.

I Am Coming Home

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Some feel at home in the wilderness of Himalayas, some in the vast oceans and this song is all about coming back home. The powerful voice of Skylar Grey will bring some nostalgic moments for sure.

Bulla Ki Jana Main Kaun

“I might be everything or I might be nothing”, the world today is stuck between being and existing. People travel to discover themselves and this song is all about finding yourself. On your next trip, if existentialism hits you, play this song.

Phir Se Udd Chala

This song is for those wanderers who just can’t resist travelling. The voice of Mohit Chauhan and Music of A.R Rahman captures the wanderlust emotion perfectly. On your next trip, this song would set you in perfect wanderer mood.

Aao Milo Chalen

The more you travel, the more stories you come across. Travelling for some is all about finding new stories and this song is the perfect companion for your trip while you go out seeking new stories.

Hum Kis Gali Jaa Rahe Hain

Impromptu trips are best, not knowing where the roads will take and what awaits at the end of the road. This song is all about the crazy travelling, not knowing where the roads will take you.


The famous song of the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani has become the new travel anthem for many. The song highlights the ups and downs of being a traveller. Travel isn’t just black and white, there is a big grey part and Illahi is all about finding the comfort in the grey area.

Patakha Guddi

The song from the movie Highway is another masterpiece from the legendary A.R Rahman. The groovy beats, heavy bass and a powerful voice will make you lose yourself in the journey.


Travelling with your gang is always fun, exciting and you feel like you can conquer anything that comes your way. Listen to the famous song from Rang De Basanti because this song is also about a group of friends fighting against the world.


Rabbi Shergill’s powerful voice and the mesmerising tunes of Challa from Jab Tak Hai Jaan will hit a chord with your traveller self. The song is again all about discovering yourself, which will resonate with your own travel.

Kun Faya Kun

Another gem of A.R Rahman combined with the bewitching voice of Mohit Chauhan is the song you need on your travel playlist. The tale of self-discovery can’t get better than the one displayed in the song.


Safarnama means travelogue and the song is a romantic tale of travel. Everybody is fighting their own battle while travelling and this song will help you come out stronger.

Chal Chaiyan Chaiyan

The evergreen travel song on everybody’s travel playlist, Chaiyan Chaiyan has been the travel anthem for the century. Go back to the glorious 90’s with the A.R Rahman’s masterpiece.

Khwabon Ke Parindey

The gem of Shankar Ehsaan Loy captures the innocent and pure emotion of travelling. The anticipation and excitement of travelling and the adventure of not knowing where the roads will lead to — the song is a tale of romance with travelling.


A romantic song at its core, the songwriter George Ezra got the inspiration of the song while travelling across Europe. The soothing voice of George Ezra is the picture perfect song while travel across the country, leaving everything behind.


The song is about the ancient city of Pompeii which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Hear the song while trekking into the unknown or while you stroll around the city which seems alien to you. The powerful vocals of Bastille will make this song a permanent on your playlist.

It’s Time

Travelling isn’t as glorious as it might seem. People leave everything behind to find themselves and this song highlights the transition in life. Change is never easy to accept but sometimes it’s a necessary evil and Imagine Dragons reflect that in their famous song It’s Time.

Cups(When I’m Gone)

Some believe Love is what completes us and this song talks and highlights it. The song is about going on a journey but wanting to go with the loved one. This song is a nice way to keep your self company while you walk into the vastness of mother nature.

Music can either make or break your trip. But with these 25 songs on your playlist for every situation and obstacles of travelling, your trip would be surely a memorable one.

Published: 13 Oct, 2018


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