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Andaman Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos

Andaman Sightseeing – Best Travel Videos
Last Updated: July 4, 2018

There exist some places on this planet that never fails to bring quantum of solace to peace-seeking souls. Standing tall in the list of those places is Andaman that comprises a number of small and big islets, each of which augments the natural charm of the region. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this place to refresh their senses, behold the natural marvels and revel in the festivities of the region.

And during their stay, they shall not miss visiting the Cellular Jail that British used to cage Indian political prisoners to keep them from participating in revolutionary movements. Its walls have witnessed the soul-trembling tortures on freedom fighters and the corridors still remember their terrifying screams. Do you know that it is called ‘Cellular Jail’ because it was made with individual cells for solitary confinement? It means freedom fighters had nobody to share their agony with, except the four walls of their cell.

Today, it is a known national memorial that is visited by many to take a peek into the lives spent here by prisoners. Every day inside the jail compound, a show is arranged for visitors to know the valiant acts of freedom fighters. There is also a museum, a photo gallery and an art gallery within the premises.

Have a look at this amazing video (by Partha Dan) of Cellular Jail:

[Video of Cellular Jail]

Limestone Cave is another local attraction that rests in Baratang Island, which is around 90 km from Port Blair. The journey to these caves is as fascinating as this natural wonder. A car will pick you up from the hotel and drop you at Middle Strait via Jirkatang. From there, you will have to take a jetty that goes through Jarwa-dominated areas and takes around 40 minutes to reach Baratang Island. After de-boarding the boat, you have to walk for a while to finally reach the cave. The cave looks mesmerizing with natural limestone formations and you will be more than surprised to behold all those shapes coming alive on the walls & the roof. Please note that a trip to these caves would consume almost an entire day, so avoid this attraction if you are short on time.

Here is a glimpse (video by GameAid – fictitious name) of the journey that one undertakes to reach the cave:

[Video of the journey to the Limestone Caves]

Let’s jump onto the next place to visit in Andaman, which is the Live Volcano Island. Though you are not allowed to go onto it, you can sight this active volcano from the distance. And believe me, seeing clouds of smoke coming out from the volcano will be your experience for a lifetime.

Enjoy this amazing video (by msad – fictitious name) of Live Volcano Island:

[Video of Volcano Island]

The other must visit attraction is Neil Island that is fringed by clear blue waters, and is well-connected to Port Blair through speed boats. Boasting marvelous elements like white sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs and verdant landmasses, this island is listed among the most scenic islands of the region. It is also called the ‘vegetable bowl of Andaman’ as it produces and supplies the vegetables to other islands of Andaman. Its stunning beaches seem perfect to spend hours resting on a hammock and admiring the natural setting. And the relaxed vibes and serene atmosphere make it ideal to live those lovey-dovey moments with your soul-mate.

Have a look at this perfectly shot video (by enniocol24 – fictitious name) of Neil Island:

[Video of Neil Island in Andaman]

Mahatama Gandhi Marine National Park is another place that catches the attention of tourists, offering unbeatable snorkeling opportunities. The water is clear that makes your underwater experience even more cherishing. The park encompasses 15 islands, which are mostly uninhabited but there are 8 villages next to the park that you may want to visit to imbibe some local culture.

Further, there is Samudrika Museum that puts forth before visitors the history of Andaman through five sections into which this property is divided. Run and managed by Indian Navy, the museum also makes people aware about the importance of environment in the ocean and protecting marine life.

Some other not-to-miss local attractions are Anthropological Museum, Long Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Elephanta Beach, Chidiya Tapu and Jogger’s Park.

Published: 05 Jul, 2014
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