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Aishwarya Sizzles in Corbett National Park

Aishwarya Tigress Corbett-family
Like Bollywood actress and former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai; who at the moment is making ravishing appearances in Cannes Film Festival, a tigress named after her is stealing the show in the Bijrani Range of Corbett National Park.

Named by a forest guide, driver and other forest officials, Aishwarya the tigress is nowadays spotted regularly in the Bijrani Zone with her 4 grown-ups. Mahesh Bisht, Area Officer of Bijrani Zone intimated that the tigress is named so due to her stunning looks and elegance. Bisht also told that she has 4 children out which one is a female and other 3 are males. The female tiger has been named as Paruli and the males have been named as Padiya, Kheemuva and Ramuva. Tourists have become extremely excited seeing this adult tigress roaming in group with her growing up kids.

As per Navi, who has been employed as a driver in 1978 in Corbett, tigers in the park are often named according to their appearance. In 1985, a tiger sat on the middle of the road near Khinanauli and refused to budge and hence earned the name Dheetu. Similarly tigers in the park have been given names like Taimur, Tawleen, Hippie, Sheru and Bhola. Infact, a tiger has been named Khali in the Bijrani Range due to his gigantic appearance.

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First Published on: 21 May, 2015
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