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Naugaja Peer – A Tomb Where Watches are Offered as Offerings

Naugaja Peer – A Tomb Where Watches are Offered as Offerings
Last Updated: August 24, 2019

In the temples across India there are many strange rituals that are being practiced. One of these rituals that have managed to achieve a fair bit of fame is the offering of watches at a tomb. The tomb in question is Naugaja Peer, which is located on a highway at a distance of about 7 km from Shahbad town along the Punjab-Haryana border.  It is being said that the tomb is dedicated to a Muslim saint who according to some legends was 9 yards tall and lived in Haryana in circa 500 AD. It is exactly the reason why the height of the tomb at this place is also 9 yards. The tomb today is famous for two reasons. First, the place is symbolic Hindu-Muslim brotherhood; while for the Muslims it is the tomb, the Hindus have a Shiva temple at the same location.

The other and the most important aspect is that watches are offered at the tomb as offerings. You will find hundreds of watches of different shapes and sizes adorning the premises giving the tomb an exotic and spectacular look.

Interestingly, nobody knows for sure when the tradition of offering watches first started, but the ritual has come to stay. It is said that the drivers plying on the highway have two worries in their mind: to reach their destination safely and on time. So they frequently bow in front of the tomb and seek blessings so that they can arrive at their destinations safely and on time.

Red Cross is in administrative charge of the tomb. The number of watches that are donated is so large that Red Cross has to sell many of them away. The money generated by selling these watches is used for the upkeep of the tomb and also to pay the salaries of the people managing it.

Published: 30 Apr, 2015
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