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8 Signs of an Avid Traveller

8 Signs of an Avid Traveller
Last Updated: July 25, 2019

You all are born free. But as you grow up, you gradually start to realize that your spirit is no longer free. You feel gripped to observe that your world is limited and you can’t experience other landmasses. It leaves you wondering at valiant souls who managed to come out of the same grip and are roaming the world like the whole universe belongs to them. We call them the ‘avid travelers’ and it is very easy to recognize them. Just look for these 8 signs and it will be clear whether you are talking to an avid traveler or not:

1. He Has Lots Of Travel Stories To Share


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Hours will pass like minutes while listening to his travel stories. His unending tales will tickle each fragment of your imagination and you will suddenly find yourself in a world that was not accessible to you before. He will not stop narrating those exciting & rare events, and you will not be tired of listening to the same.

2. He Always Has A Trip Planned For The Upcoming Month


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Ask “What are you doing next month?” And his reply will most probably be “I am going for biking in Ladakh” Or “Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls” Or “Indulging in the scenic beauty of Europe”. He answers so casually and effortlessly that you start feeling envious of him. And most of the times, your reaction is “Why can’t I travel like him?” The answer is simple “You don’t want to free yourself from the grip”

3. Words Like Travel and Holidays Are The Best Words To Catch His Attention


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Say ‘travel’ and he will be next to you asking “where do you plan to go?”. Utter ‘holidays’ and he will come up with a long list of best vacationing destinations. He shares the same relationship with these words as iron does with the magnet.

4. He Loves To Meet People


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He loves to meet people for the fact that they introduce him to different beliefs thoughts and practices followed at their native towns. He listens to them carefully and then chalks out an itinerary around regions that he thinks dwells an interesting mix of culture and traditions.

5. He Has Friends All Over The World


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His cronies are spread all over the world from India to Nepal to China to Russia to America to Great Britain. Tell him that you are going to London for a business meeting and he will have a gift to send to a person he became friends with while attending a concert at Globe Theatre.

6. He Craves To See Travel Based Movies


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He has seen ‘The Bucket List’, ‘Sideways’, ‘Into The Wild’, ‘The Darjeeling Limited’, ‘Wild Hogs’ and other such travel movies a number of times. And he still craves to see them! The reason is simple: he can relate him to the protagonists, he can relate to their insatiable desire to travel, travel & travel.

7. He Works To Travel, Not To Save & Invest

No, he is not a scion of an affluent business family. He works like all of you but only to accumulate enough money. And now I don’t need to tell why he accumulates money? For him, money is the ticket to the world less traveled, explored, experienced and celebrated. And whenever he falls short of money, he does this: 7

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8. But He Wants To Build A Cottage Amid Mountains


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So what if his traveling habit consumes all of his money? It does not stop him from dreaming of building a cottage next to that river that flows through enchanted hills. This is his retirement plan and he will find a way to fulfill it. Please share this writing piece if you loved reading it.

Published: 28 Aug, 2014
Gaurav Mahajan


Gaurav is a social media marketer who spends most of his time reading about travel and travellers. His inclination towards traveling takes him to different corners of India, which gives him a chance to share the vacationing experience with like-minded people. He currently works with Tour My India that specialises in satisfying the travel thirst of globetrotters. You can follow this agency on Facebook and Twitter

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