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8 Adventurous Photos that Will Instantly Take Your Breath Away

8 Adventurous Photos that Will Instantly Take Your Breath Away
Last Updated: July 4, 2018

The world is full of Dare Devils; they climb the deadliest peaks, jump from airplanes, swim amidst the whirlpools,  hang in the air by a single chord and do everything that one can only dream about.  Here are some pictures that capture the nerve-wracking moments of these Dare Devils doing what they do the best!

1. Do you DARE to spin here? At a dizzying height of 214m (at Cliff of Moher, Ireland) above the sea level, these PRO Cyclist are proving their mettle where the slightest of mistake can land them on spiked boulders.

Cycling Adventure

2. Now when I said, Adventurous photos that will instantly take your breath away, we certainly had few images in my mind. Well, I merely imagined and what the Heck they made my imagination come true. Check these videos out!

3. Ok, that rope looks quite comforting but the altitude does not!  AND don’t even let me get started on the biting-cold.

Mountain Climbing

4. I question the landing strategy of this biker! Undoubtedly a pro, although I am sure his breath also paused for a while during this stunt like ours did when we saw the picture.

Motor Biking Adventure

5.  Now, that’s an edgy sports choice that literally took this skier over the edge! The thought of merely climbing up to this height gave us a goose bump; I wonder what this skier was thinking before attempting something like this.

Skiing Adventure

6.  Hanging by a rock is the Dare Devil named Dean Potter. He is an American free climber who certainly knows how to lives life on the edge! LITERALLY!

Mountain Climbing Adventure

7.  LOOK it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a Superman, no WAIT it’s a group of skydivers! This breathtaking picture was taken at Ottawa, Illinois, where 138 skydivers attempted fall from 18,500 feet with a speed of 220mph to break the previously set record of skydiving in 2009. If you think this picture is awesome, wait till you see the video.

Skydiving Adventure

8.  No, it is not one of those morphed picture to cheat you in the name of adventure, this is the real location with a real guy with his real daredevilry instincts. Dean Potter again! AND this time he took up rope walking about 1000 feet off the ground on a 100 foot long and 1-inch thick slackline that too without a safety rope, so if he falls he DIES! Believe me, I have cold fingers as I am describing this!

Rope Walking Dean Potter

Published: 06 Feb, 2015
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