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7 Things You Learn From Traveling

7 Things You Learn From Traveling
Last Updated: July 4, 2018

The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.

Are you still stuck on that page? Not going further because you are shackled by the chains of work, depression, and fatigue. Or you are so addicted to the daily routine that you have forgotten about the charm that the outside world oozes and refreshment it brings to your withering senses. Whatever is the case, you are reading that one page again and again; and it is not serving the life’s purpose of knowing & learning the connection between you and this world. Perhaps you are oblivious of the fact that YOU OUGHT TO TRAVEL FOR LEARNING ABOUT THIS WORLD, THE WONDERS, THE MYSTERIES and most importantly YOURSELF. And when you travel, you realize:

1: That The Nature Is Magical

Ever noticed what greenery does to you? It enlivens you, it makes you happy and it heals your soul. While being amid green, you realize that nature is the only true companion you have, smiling at you like a mother yearning to pamper her kids. TMI

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2: That Traveling Is Happiness

It does not take swanky materials to bring a smile to your face. It only requires a company of your friends, a train compartment, lots of teasing and a perfect destination to dumb your stress into. The mere mention of traveling brings you mirth. No? TMI

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3: That You Love Your Home

Go to the most wonderful corner of the world; it will amaze you. Go to the most opulent hotel on this planet; it will pamper you. Go to the most famous restaurant in the world; it will pacify your tongue. But to find the love, warmth, and camaraderie that human soul loves, you will always think of your home. No matter how small your home is or how messy your room looks, you have hundreds of reasons to love it beyond infinity. TMI

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4: That Being Free Is The Best Feeling

Like that bird in the sky, you feel free when you travel. You realize that you are unchained and the cheerfulness crawls in your gait. You feel close to yourself and the smile you show is worth a million dollars. TMI

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5: That People Are Nice

It’s cold. Let’s sit close to the bonfire lit by that rickshaw puller. And he welcomes you with such an inviting smile that you have not seen in ages. Everywhere you go, people are ready to embrace and help you without any self-interest. You don’t believe? Ask those lonely travelers whose itinerary depends hugely on what locals say. TMI

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6: That You Can’t Live Without Your Mom

The first figure that comes in front of you every morning is that of a Mother. And you are so habitual to this that after a while you just want to shun everything and go back to the lap of that godly figure. It’s worth it because the amount of elation you experience when she smiles on seeing you is priceless. TMI

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7: That Planning Is Necessary

Let’s pack our bags and go to river rafting in Rishikesh. Wait! Avoid impromptu plans unless you have your own commute. Did you check the availability of train tickets and hotels? Plan your trip carefully and savor each moment, from packing to landing the destination to marveling at local attractions to coming back home completely satisfied. TMI

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Is there anything else you learn from travelling ? If yes, please write it down in the comment box.

Published: 11 Aug, 2014
Gaurav Mahajan


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