7 Exotic Destinations in India that You Have Hardly Heard Of

7 Exotic Destinations in India that You Have Hardly Heard Of
Last Updated: July 4, 2018

With so many interesting places in the country that never let you get the Been There Done That mood, India never fails to surprise us. Be it a Tibetan settlement in central India or hidden resorts in a village in south India, there are plenty of things that catch one’s eyes. We know as an avid traveler you have an urge to explore something new every now and then and that is why we have prepared a list of destinations that many of you may not have heard of, but are no less exciting. So, without further ado, let’s begin with it.

Amadubi, Jharkhand

Amadubi-Jharkhand About 65kms from Jamshedpur, Amadubi is an Art Village that brings Jharkhand’s otherwise lesser known Pyatkar paintings into the limelight. At Amadubi, your host will be the villagers who are skilled in local art forms; the Pyatkar painters paint on scrolls made of leaves and barks, with the subjects of these paintings being mostly the ancient legends popular amongst the tribes here. You will be able to witness the lively culture that includes the tribal dance on the beats of Mander. Also savor the taste of Jharkhand, which includes the mouth-watering local delicacies like local delicacies like ud-pitha (steamed rice dumpling with lentils), gud-pitha (with jaggery) or zil-pitha (non-vegetarian). It is a day-trip from Jamshedpur and the nearest railway station is Dhalbhumgarh, which is at a distance of 9kms from Amadubi.

TIP: We suggest that along with visiting Amadubi, you take a tour of Dhalbhumgarh as there are many historic sites here. Rajbari – The Palace of Dhalbhum Raja; Trivineshwar Temple; Dasbhuj Mandir /Durga Temple; Paanch Pandavas; Ras Temple; Kotwal Temple; Ruam (Jain Religious Centre) and Guhiapal are some of the major attractions at Dhalbhumgarh.

Parule and Bhogwe, Maharashtra

This is one destination (Actually Two) where you will feel like lashing out and treating yourself extravagantly. Once, Parule was called Parulya Village and was built around a Sun Temple. You can still see this temple, which now stands in its renovated form. However, along with visiting the temple there is so much you can do here that includes staying with the Samants at Maachli, enjoying life on a farm, getting a fish spa treatment in a natural stream, going on a plantation walk and learning how to use a laath (traditional method of drawing water for irrigation). One can also savor the taste of delicious Malvani cuisine. On the other side, at Bhogwe one has the chance to explore the beauty; travelers can live in the eco cottages and witness the spectacular coastal views.

TIP: You can enjoy taking a walk in nature trails and visit the nearby Devrai, where you can go bird watching, witness the sunset ar Kille Nivti Fort and take a boat ride to Golden Rocks.

Asnoti Village, Karnataka

It is a riverside hamlet in Hankon and is on the road towards Dandeli from Karwar. This place is perfect for eco-tourism and one can also enjoy water sports like kayaking, canoeing, rafting, tubing and river crossing, rock-climbing and rappelling at just about four kilometers away at Pata. Since the resorts here promote eco-tourism (yes there are resorts here!!) you will be getting an opportunity to stay in wooden cabins or comfortable tents that face the river. Fresh seafood is served and to further enhance the charm of eco-experience, these resorts offer solar-lit pathways, solar-heated water supply, and a wastewater treatment plant. So, now you know another great place to spend a quality holiday in India; so don’t wait, but start planning a visit here.

Damro, Arunchal Pradesh

damro Ok, so couple of days back we posted a blog on popular festivals in Arunachal Pradesh and that must have helped you make up your mind to visit this lovely state. Well, adding to temptation is this beautiful destination called Damro, which is the village of Adi Padam tribe of Arunachal tribe. For those of you who do not know about Adi Padam, well here is a brief for you. Padam is a sub-group of Adi tribe, who are known for their excellent war and defence skills; they are rich in their culture and oral traditions and mainly known for fiercely guarding their Democratic society. So, at Damro, you will be able to encounter one of the bravest tribes in Arunachal Pradesh who warmly welcomes their guests. A major attraction in Damro other than its people is the hanging bridge that is probably the longest hanging bridge in Arunachal. Terraced fields and the houses made of thatched bamboo also add to the sightseeing list here.

TIP: Try the local staple of smoked pork, lai (leaves), raja chili chutney and apong (rice beer).

Poppalwadi, Goa

Normally when we imagine a holiday in Goa, we think about soaking in the sun on some beach or shaking a leg or two in some great club or probably savouring some mouth-watering seafood and drinking all that cheap alcohol BUT let us just break away from the cliches and head for a different kind of holiday in Goa. AND I have a great idea for you right here, it is a place called Poppalwadi on the border of Goa and Karnataka and it is one of its kinds of place. There is no electricity, phones or roads here and still, this small eco-friendly place is an ideal destination for a quiet vacation. You can stay in teepee tents, which have attached bathrooms or you can choose the airy rooftop rooms, which have sit-outs. From here one can easily go for nature treks to Dudhsagar Waterfall and on the treks to other waterfalls in the area along with going on night safaris.

TIP: Try Oven-fired pizzas, homemade bread, barbecues with a bit of Japanese, Indian and Italian dishes.

Mainpat, Chhattisgarh

Mainpat Now this place is really a great find! We all have seen ample of Buddhist monasteries covering the northern part of India but hardly anyone has heard about Tibetan settlement in central India and isn’t it just so cool! Well, in Mainpat, Chhattisgarh, you can see an altogether different look with colorful prayer flags fluttering and typical Tibetan settlements occupying a 3000-acre land. The major attraction here is the Thakpo Shedupling Monastery, which is adorned with exquisite wall murals and contains old thangkas. One can head to scenic viewpoints like Mehta Point, Tiger Point and Jaljali from here.

TIP: Try Tau (Buckwheat) which is good for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.

Rewalsar, Himachal Pradesh

rewalsar This small town is like a gift in disguise to travellers visiting Himachal Pradesh. Situated in the Mandi district, this quite little place has lot of legends attached to it. The major attraction of Rewalsar is its lake which is recognized by Tibetan Buddhists as Tso-Pema (Lotus Lake). They believe that it was created when the king of Mandi tried to burn alive the Indian guru Padmasambhava, to prevent his daughter Mandarava from running off with the long-haired Tantric master. Today the lake is home to the Tibetan-style Drikung Kagyu Gompa and has an academy of Buddhist studies and a large, central Sakyamuni statue. There is a Gurudwara that was built in 1930 by Raja Joginder Sen of Mandi and three Hindu temples that are some of the attractions here. You will love this place for its utter peace and scenic natural beauty.

Published: 10 Nov, 2014
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