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36 New Countries Included in E-Tourist Visa Scheme by India

36 New Countries Included in E-Tourist Visa Scheme by India
Last Updated: January 31, 2019

In the E-Tourist Scheme launched by Government in November 2014, 36 new countries will be added on August 15, 2015. After this inclusion, the total number of countries valid for E-Tourist Visa would be 113. According to reports, the Centre has also decided to increase the number of designated airports by 7, summing it up to 16 designated airports so far.

E-tourist Scheme was launched on November 27, 2014 with a view to offer convenience to the foreign tourists visiting India with purposes like recreation, sightseeing, casual meetings with friends and family, short duration medical treatments and business visits. The centre initially offered 43 countries this facility but in May 2015, the service was extended to 31 more countries. Now, after the period of two month, on the occasion of India’s Independence Day 36 more countries will included in the scheme. Here are the names of countries that have been recently added to the list:

Andorra Argentina Armenia Aruba
Belgium Bolivia Colombia Cuba
East Timor Guatemala Hungary Ireland
Jamaica Malta Malaysia Mongolia
Monaco Mozambique Netherlands Panama
Peru Poland Portugal Seychelles
Slovenia Spain St Lucia St Vincent & the Grenadines
Suriname Sweden Taiwan Tanzania
Turks & Caicos Island United  Kingdom Uruguay Venezuela

The 7 new designated airports included in the scheme are: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Gaya, Jaipur, Lucknow, Tirchy and Varanasi.

It has been noticed that since the launch of E-Tourist Scheme Indian tourism is seeing a new high as so far 1,10,657 E-Tourist Visas have been issued. Therefore it is expected that after including more countries and designated airports Indian tourism will soar remarkably. Here is a comparative data analysis proving that E-Tourist Visa is a successful scheme:

Tourist Visit in May 2014 Tourist Visit in May 2015 Rise in Percentage
1,833 15,659 754.3%
Tourist Visit During January-May 2014 Tourist Visit During January-May 2015 Rise in Percentage
9,841 1,10,757 102.4%

The percentage shares of top 10 countries availing e-Tourist Visa facility during May 2015 were as follows:

Countries Percentage
United States of America 37.82
Germany 9.35
Australia 8.95
Russian Federation 5.85
Republic of Korea 4.30
United Arab Emirate 3.53
Mexico 3.16
Ukraine 3.01
Japan 2.89
Singapore 2.43

The percentage shares of different airports in tourist arrivals on e-Tourist Visa during May 2015 were as follows:

Airport  Designate Percentage
New Delhi 43.65
Mumbai 22.14
Bengaluru 9.66
Chennai 7.25
Hyderabad 4.55
Kochi 3.97
Goa 3.81
Kolkata 3.24
Trivandrum 1.73

Source: India Visa Online, Economic Times

Published: 14 Aug, 2015
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